Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wiener Schnitzel

I ate Wiener Schnitzel for the first time today. It was very good.


  1. so i saw a drill sergeant yelling and i thought of you...hahaha!! jkust saying hi and i am trying ot for the one act plays fore an update

  2. Next time have Jagerschnitzel. It comes with this fantastic gravey. Did you have spatzel with it. It so hard spell german without those funny dots. Sorry i don't know to spell that word. Thanks for the birthday congrats.

  3. what is spatzel? it's possible..I had a salad and it was really good. And grant, keep me updated on the one act plays! they're fun!

  4. This is Grammy. I saw your pictures and that one of you was beautiful. I just love seeing you in Vienna there and we were just discussing that we hope you're not taken by kidnappers. Stay out of the hands of evil companions - ha ha. I can't wait to see you when you come home and look forward to hearing all of your adventures. I look forward to having your mother read your blog to me. We're going to the tea part on April 15 in Olympia and I'm going to wear tea bags as earrings - ha ha. I'm hoping it won't rain or the wet tea bags will be flowing down my neck -- it's been raining lately as usual. We went to a Seder tonight and it was wonderful. I met a lot of people I knew at Marsha's church and it was fun. I'll just say that I really miss you more than I can tell you, just knowing that you're not in your place. I'm so happy you get this opportunity to see all the things you're seeing. You're brave to be out there walking, walking, walking by yourself and enjoying it all. I pray every day for your safety from heaven-knows-what in Vienna :-) You are a survivor. I worried about your blisters, but am glad they healed. You are in my prayers. Love, Grammy

  5. You may be wondering why Grammy is on Elice's password. This is because Marsha cannot find the password to her Google account. I forgot mine and we're all over here at Marsha's after the seder. Elice is the only one who can remember her password.
    I'm signing off now in abject embarrassment. Marsha says "Give her my love!" Elice is laughing. Very loudly, Grammy wants you to know. Love you lots, hope you're having fun in Budapest. It's 7:02 and hopefully you're sleeping in ! Love mom (but still having to sign in on Elice's google account.)

  6. So many comments after a report of schnitzel. Spatzel is thick little pasta, I think. I bought some in Leavenworth to give to my german step dad. He was excited.
    Love your updates and also relieved that the blisters haven't required hospitalization.
    Hope you had a blessed Easter. 75 kids came to our church the night before Easter for a dance. Jess had a blast. There were 2 baptisms and communion just before midnight - very special.
    Keep up the communication. Love Wendy P

  7. Yes spatzel is a wonderfull little noodle made of flour and eggs and milk. They are very yummy and you must try them before you leave austria..PS i think its kind of funny that your fam cant sign in.. and mrs cloud comes to the rescue as usual. YOur mom says you had a great time in Budapest.

  8. Hey Lauren. I too, heard that Judith and Nora and her family took you to all the major sights..I love Heros Square..its so big. And I also heard Judith made sure you had some wonderful food...aren't her soups amazing. I am glad you have a family over there to visit. Miss your blogs...but I hope that means your busy out there doing things. Miss you

  9. Hello everyone I'm going to respond now to all of you! and immediately after I will update my blog for the Budapest trip. sorry it's been so long but I've been busy!!

    Grammy: I cannot believe you are going to the Olympia Tea Party but you must tell mother all about it and have her email me! I am having a great time and my feet have almost healed! I found the miracle worker of blister protectors!!! I miss you and love you too!!
    Wendy: It sounds like you had a wonderful easter! Mine was really good too! It was very nice! I will have to try spatzel one of these days!!
    Kris: again I will have to try spatzel =) I also was amused that Elice came to the rescue as usual!
    Elice: I am going to update my blog now! I miss you too!