Saturday, April 4, 2009

Schonbrunn Palace!

So today was very nice! I slept in a bit and then I headed to Schonbrunn Palace!! Which I must say is quite amazing AND only takes about 20 minutes to get there total. It's gigantic! And the gardens are great! I can tell the gardens will be better once the flowers bloom, so I'll probably go back again. I got there and the Easter Market was going on so I looked a bit at that. There were giant eggs. I then wandered around the gardens for a good hour and a half. They are really pretty and extremely huge! I climbed up a hill to this thing (haha I know so helpful) that overlooks the palace and there's a great view of the city from up there! I then paid an entrance fee and toured the inside of the Palace. Unfortunately, you can't take pictures inside otherwise I would have some! But it was beautiful! So intricate and I loved the paintings and the chandeliers! Basically, Schonnbrunn Palace is rather amazing. Other than that, I saw some more ducks, these weird chipmunks whose legs looked like frogs, and discovered that I had seen the Hofburg Palace without realizing it, thinking it was the National Library! oops. The weather is wonderful and beautiful! Tomorrow I'm going to go to a BBQ. I'm hoping Monday I'll be able to find the Hundertwasserhaus. Third times the charm? I hope so...

These are the pictures i took yesterday when wandering around looking from Hundertwasser (along with a view from my classroom window)

And These are Schonnbrunn Palace!

Oh, I'm also getting incredibly excited for August. Yes, I know I have a lot of other travelling to do before then, but my friend from high school (Ashley who went on the Europe trip when I was in HS) and I are planning a trip from the time she's done with classes to about the 22nd of August. We're planning on going to Prague, Croatia, Bosnia and Montenegro. Email me if you want to know exactly where we plan on going in those countries, because they look awesome.


  1. Lauren, your photos are once again fantastaroo ... also think you'll have a great time in August. We all got together to see Slumdog tonight, complete with burgers and Elice's wonderful baked beans.
    Back to school and work tomorrow I hope your week is GREAT.
    Love you lots!

  2. I'm thinking this is mother and not adrienne since I don't think adrienne would said baked beans are good hahaha. I miss the nights at Elices!!!!

  3. We also miss you too. I also think that was your mom...he he. The weather was great! The kids even walked the beach. Tralynda did pick a great movie. I enjoyed it. Miss Kris was there but her girls were not home as she worked this weekend. Thomas was there for dinner but had to leave during the movie. Your dad and Grant were there too! Cool.

    I am so glad you saw the palace. We went there too. Doug bought the huge book about the palace for me as I also couldn't take photos. We will look at it when you get back. Were they working on it? It was being worked on when we were there. And now I know why you haven't visited the palace near you!
    I think your plan in August sounds great. These are spots I would like to try someday. Croatia is suppose to have great beaches. Ask Nora, as their family goes there for vacation. We want to do Berlin and Prague this summer..who knows we might be there at the same time. Your dad is trying to help me with the computer as I have no sound for calling you on skype. He is a sweetie.
    Keep the stories coming. I love to hear about your adventures..have fun at school.

  4. Me again, just looked at your photos. Very cool. I loved the long walk up to the palace, on the white gravel...we had to use the staircase to get in. Did you go it that way? They were working on it and so I think we used a different entrance. I will look at my Rick Steve's book for directions to Sigmonds house..he gives very detalied instructions. Its in a neighborhood and not well marked.