Saturday, April 18, 2009

Searching for flowers

Welll today I went in search of the Hofburg Rose Gardens. I found them but the roses hadn't bloomed yet. But the garden was still pretty and I wandered and found lots of tulips! My miracle anti-blister pad removed itself from my shoe today so I have another blister which is dumb. It's not as bad this time around though. I just wandered today seeing if there was anything new to find where I live. I found the art history museum so I must go see that soon! Other than that, I slept in which was nice, went to Hyojeong's and had dinner (curry and rice yumm) with her boyfriend and then we all watched "Definitely, Maybe" which was pretty good. She also showed me the winner of the world championship in ice skating this year which was great! I love ice skating. It was quite the performance. We also watched Tara Lipinski's from all those years ago. It was a nice weekend day! The weather is definitely cooler than it has been but still pretty nice. Also, I saw an abnormally large pigeon. So I of course said to myself, "I must take a picture of this pigeon" which seemed like a good plan until it flew at my head. Also I fell down some stairs and injured my wrist and ankle. And someone is playing Ricky Martin VERY loudly in the adjoining apartment. But overall it was still a good day!

Here are the pictures of today!


  1. hello Lauren! I hope your not taking after me with the falling down thing...and now you must watch crossing streets (if your like me!) I hope your ok...but there are so many holes and such to watch out for over there. I told your mom to email your phone number, as I will try and call you when I am in Italy...I at least will be on the same part of the world with you for a while. I will be landing on Tuesday morning. And looking forward to some Italian ice cream..don't dare try to spell it..(where's the spell check when you need it!) We all love your Blog..can't wait for Melk photos.
    Talk to you soon

  2. Update your blog for heaven sakes!

  3. I'm sorry I'll do it tonight!