Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Random Adventures!

Well I haven't blogged for a couple days, so I shall update you all on my life since Saturday! On Sunday I went to a BBQ with Hyojeong from my class which was fun. The weather was wonderful and the food was great! It was nice talking to everyone there (5 total) too. It was kind of funny because we all spoke different languages but some spoke the same so at any given point 3 languages were being spoken. Also, Barbecue's here are very small compared to ours in the US. I was there for a few hours and we just talked and ate far too much food.

Yesterday, I had a lazy day. For some reason I could not for the life of me stay asleep. I woke up basically every hour on Sunday night so Monday morning I was not happy. So I didn't really go out yesterday I did my homework, took a nap and that was about it!

Today Hyojeong, Liviu and I all went to lunch at the pizza place again...yumm. Then Hyojeong and I went to Stephansdom and went to the top which has a wonderful view of the city!! However, when you first exit the elevator, you walk onto metal grating which you can see through, straight down to the ground. I was not particularly happy about that. And of course I continued to look down. Once you go up some stairs the ground beneath you is more solid, so once I got to that I was fine. After that, we looked around the cathedral a bit (which is quite amazing!) and then walked to a park. I think it was called Stadtpark. It was such a nice park! It had a little pond, lots of flowers, and statues of many famous musicians! It was really nice and the weather is beautiful! I even got a bit tan. We headed home after that, saw a guy on a segway which I think are rather funny. The other day I saw a tour group on segways. Overall, the last couple days have been really nice!! I leave for Budapest in 3 days and am not sure what I'll be doing until then!

Here are pictures from today!


  1. That's the great thing about living in a new city with time to explore ... you never know what the next day holds.
    All of these little places here and there sound fun to explore in depth .. I imagine you'll be going back to the cathedral again since you didn't explore the whole thing. Wish we could be there and see what you're seeing.
    I'm thinking you should use a Segway til your blisters heel! I'd think about that ... can't believe you were able to actually SEE a Segway tour -- I've heard rumors, but have never seen a herd of them go by!

  2. Okay, could I have used the term "explore" MORE often in my post? Also, I spelled heel like the blister on your heel, but meant heel ... yikes!

  3. no mother I think you meant "heal" because you just said "heel" three times. and you did use explore a lot hahaha...and yes I saw a segway tour. it was rather hilarious.

  4. Cindy you are a "heel", or "heal"...hahaha...just teasing as you know my spelling errors.
    What's a segway tour? So you were ontop of that church? I love that building. The photos were great. You will be able to be a tour guide by the time you are done. Looks like your getting some very nice weather now. We wore short sleeves 2 days in a row here!!!! But its suppose to rain for Easter..The park is lovely. Glad your having fun and touring with a friend! I got out my tour books to look up some touring ideas for you.