Thursday, April 2, 2009

From class to icky spaghetti...

So yesterday if you couldn't tell from my post I was feeling a bit apprehensive about my classes and not being able to meet people. But I'm ok now. Class was fun! I got there on time today! I sat next to two guys, a guy from Korea named JK and Liviu from Romania. First off, during break I'd like to point out that JK said to me "You're from Seattle, do you go to U-Dub?" Yes and he said it like "U-dub" and I was very confused as to how he knew we called it that. His girlfriend goes to UW and she calls it that. Liviu asked me where you had to live in Washington to get to Seattle by boat. He watches Grey's Anatomy, along with a few other American shows. Class was relatively uneventful...still primarily review.

I couldn't find a notebook yesterday so Liviu offered to show me the store where you get them, which would have been great except the store isn't there anymore. He's going to get me one near his house and I'll pay him back tomorrow. I still can't believe I didn't think to bring a spiral notebook. I then returned to my apartment after class to change my coat since it was getting rather warm. I put a light jacket on and went in search of Hundertwasserhaus. However, after writing extensive directions on how to get there I still got lost. So I of course just wandered for a while. It was 65 degrees and I was very hot in my jacket but I stayed out for a few hours. In my wanderings, I passed a store that only sold toilets. There were about 10 in the store and were mounted about 5 feet in the air. I bought some ice cream and understood the lady when she talked to me...kind of. And I swallowed a bug.

Also, for dinner I made what I thought would be good spaghetti. But good heavens that sauce was gross. The weather report shows warm weather here and very warm in Budapest! I'm excited!

Pictures from today!


  1. Glad to hear that someone even knew how to say U Dub...thats great. And I did see you will have very nice weather the rest of the week. Wiill you do the Hop on Hop off Bus Tour? Rick Steve's book has a tour using the tram sysem..almost free...he tells you what you are passing and of course I read it outloud to my family as we did this. And there is always seeing an Opera..we didn't as we had limited time. We will have to email some cooking recipies to you..there's always fried egg sandwiches..better then eating "bugs"

    The girls, Anna and Adrienne stayed up to watch the extended version of Twilight. Apperently me and Miss Kris are in love with Edward..your mom and Tralynda are amused at us.

    You'll have to ask your mom about the April Fools joke she pulled on us...very good!
    I bought a new mircophone so I will try it out on skype. Do they have more then one beginning German class? Where are the U of Wa students? Maybe you could find out where they are staying and catch up with them. But your doing great at getting out there! Wow, what an adventure.

  2. Sounds like your second day went so much better. I am so very proud of you. You need to find yourself a very nice deli and bakery. German rolls and wurst are the best. There is probably one on every corner.
    Elice is so right. I don't think your mother and tralynda understand our obsession with edward. If they read the book they would know. I almost had to beat up Adrienne and Anna when they said that Edward is closer to their age. No way i said. He is much closer to mine..kind of.... heheheheh

  3. And the yogert is soooo good over there. I could live on the real butter and bread too. Allison,Adrienne and Anna are off to the Monsters vs aliens 3D computer won't let me do skype yet. Hope you have a great day tomorrow!

  4. Elice: I do plan on going to a couple Opera's while I'm here! And mom and Tralynda must read the Twilight books before they can judge. I will ask mom about that joke this weekend! she has a few she's going to tell me about. Apparently Diane's was really good this year. Let me know when you're skype is working and we can chat!! Also, how did Allison, Adrienne and Anna like the movie? and I love the yogurt...
    Kris: I have found one bakery. I had a chocolate croissant that was really good but I definitely need to go more often! And again, mother and Tralynda cannot judge until they KNOW. He is technically closer to your age!

  5. Hey, after reading all the your mom and Tralynda or Mother and Tralynda comments I feel I must now defend us! : ) We don't want to fall in love with a non participating vampire, who unlike my dear friends, apparently do love a certain vampire, but I will not name them for all to read!! : ) HA HA!!!
    Anyway Lauren, I am so glad to hear that things are turning around for you! The weather alone must make a huge difference! it is also sunny here today, which is frankly a nice change! I am so sick of the rain.
    Hopefully when I read your next post you will finally have a spiral notebook in your possession!

  6. Tralynda: I do have a spiral notebook in my possession! It will make homework much easier since I won't be writing it on blue sheets of paper. And yes the weather is quite wonderful and I'm definitely enjoying myself more!!