Friday, April 3, 2009

Another pretty spring day...

First of all, my feet are attempting to detatch themselves from my ankles in the form of blisters. And all the bandaids and tape in the world are not helping. This is ridiculous

Secondly, I am enjoying class. It's really fun and everyone in the class is great. I went to pizza with a couple of them after class (Liviu and Hyojeong) which was fun. The pizza was really good, especially after my dinner last night.

I then wandered back to my apartment to change my shoes and put my books down. I once again went in search of Hundertwasser house without success. I'll try again tomorrow. I'm pretty sure I've got it figured out now and will be able to find it tomorrow. I'm also thinking of going to Schonnbrunn Palace. I hope it's a nice day again! It was about 65 degrees again which is quite wonderful! 

I learned today (and after the walking the wrong direction on Mariahilfstrasse) that as soon as I enter a Ubahn, when I exit I will have lost all sense of direction. Again, I wandered the wrong way when exiting the Ubahn in an attempt to get home. At least this time I figured it out earlier! I tried my icky pasta from last night again today just to see if my tastebuds were being weird last night. They were definitely not. It was still gross...oh well. I made some Pesto which was quite good. And Elice, I had some yogurt. I have discovered the yogurt is quite amazing! Other than that my day was uneventful! Well, I did see an add on facebook that read, "Insemination? Go to!" But it was a nice day!


  1. O man! the Schonbrunn palace is so beautiful!! its so cool the hapsburgs were pretty much the coolest empire. maria teresa is awesome and her daughter is maria antoinette, interesting I know!
    You get to learn all about Emperess Elizabeth aka Sissi, who was pretty much a princess diana she was so popular. she was married to Francis Joseph during the Austro-Hungarian empire, and she had a twenty inch waistline and waving black hair down to the floor! pretty crazy, but it was really cool learning about her

    and the ubahn is the tram thing correct? if so the tram goes in a perfect circle so you shouldnt get that lost! ahaha

    o and the museum is absolutely amazing. one of the best ive been in, and freud's house is an interesting excursion if your into that. its cool to be able to say you've been there. as I remeber it the videos were all in german but there was history of his life and stuff in written english. anyways I love vienna!

  2. Glad you are meeting people and exploring. Dont' worry all thoes false strats in finding your way around will help later. Do you have a "tram" map. I am sure you can d/l one. I will look to see if I have one. And yes, there are some lovely places you can see outside the city. We took the train and its very easy. Doug and Thomas both loved Freud's took us awhile to find it. You'll have to go down by the square by the lovely church and you will find a ton of American tourists swarming. Thats when you see people dressed in period costums, selling opera tickets.

    Try the yogert that comes in 2 flip over the smaller one to dump in the fruit, ect into the fresh favoirte is the honey...its a real treat. I can find it in New York now..I think its a Greek yogert..Have you tried the french fries? They use mayonaise instead for is really quite good.

    As for feet..are you wearing thick stocks and tennies..I know its not cool but I have seem more and more Europeans were tennies shoes, just in gold or some other color. When it gets warmer, try flip flops mothering again..he,he..
    Allison passed my bedroom last night and caught me watching Twilight again...she thinks I have a problem...unlike her...she only watched the Harry Potter series again!
    Its sunny here! and on a weekend! Have fun out there.

  3. Allison the palace was amazing you were so right!!
    Elice: Thanks for the info! I'll go grocery shopping again on Monday and look for that yogurt!! and how did you get to Freud's house? I haven't tried french fries yet =) my feed are icky. I wore thick socks today so they didnt get worse. I think I'll stick with my one pair of flip flops that I almost didn't bring for the next few days until my feet are better. Then when they are healed, wrap them in massive amounts of tape until my shoes are worn in! Haha...Don't worry Elice. I don't think you have a problem yet...Have a good weekend and enjoy the unusual sun!