Thursday, April 16, 2009

German is hard.

So I have learned that German is rather difficult! There are far too many ways to say "the" with akkusativ, dativ and nominativ cases. Throw in masculine, feminine, neutral and plural and many issues begin happening for native English speakers who just use "the." The possible "the" words are "der, die, das, dem, den, other der, other den etc" Just saying "the" is so much easier! Also, there are too many ways to say "your, yours, mine, theirs, ours. And all of these make it very easy to say things like "She buys shes lamp." Also, I knew this but you definitely can't translate German directly. For example "Anton will heute nicht ins Kino gehen" means "Anton doesn't want to go to the movies today," but directly translated it says "Anton wants today not to the movies go." And just for simple things it's very different to us English speakers For English the subject always comes first. But in German, if they say "today" or "yesterday" then you have to say (in German obviously) "Today went I to the store." I'm sure I'll get it into to my head one of these days but at the moment it's rather difficult!!

Video number one of the day: Why can't this happen in real life?


  1. Language to welcome the world of, Lorenzo! It much is to order easier the food, but difficult very speak language common. I'm sure you'll be blabbing no time in way.

  2. Grant says: "It's a Sound of Musicult!"

  3. hahaha for a second I had no idea what you were talking about mother but then I figured out you changed word order ;-) nad it is a Sound of Musicult!