Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wandering wandering...

sooo life has been rather uneventful recently. just the usual going to class, hanging out, going to lunch with friends. ;-) wandering Vienna aimlessly. Today I went into a three churches that were very nice. Augustiner Kirche

Michaeler Kirche
and Peters Kirche.

They were all quite beautiful! Also ones that I have walked by about a million times and never went in. Time to explore Vienna and it's churches more (I've been in about 10 but they're all amazing!) Although Augustiner Kirche had a painting of a full skeleton in it which was a bit weird in a room full of paintings of skulls...

and Peters Kirche had two actual skeletons dressed up in decorative clothing. Which was a bit gross I must say. Maybe they were old bishops that worked in the church? I am not sure. it was weird. hah.

In other news, my power went out last night which would have been ok if we had not run out of matches that VERY DAY. So I had to read by cell phone light until my eyes hurt and I went to bed at a ridiculously early hour. Which resulted in me getting up at 3:30 in the morning almost fully awake...then going back to bed and being tired in the morning.

Also: this is votivkirche from last week. one of my favorite pictures.

And this is obviously the most practical suits of armor I have ever seen: Found in the Ephesos/Ancient Musical Instruments/Armor Museum

also this is a video of the choir I heard when I went to Votivkirche.
Please Ignore Poor Video quality: I am a photographer not a video-grapher.
and the organ that deafened me.


  1. I don't care if I am your mother -- these pictures are fantastic! Looking forward to viewing the videos at home!!
    P.S. The skeletons are bizarre (didn't we see that in Italy?) and isn't it counter-intuitive to have a suit of armor shaped like a chicken?

  2. woops, did my post on your "I had a dream"...trying to catch up on my reading! Miss ya!

  3. That is some loud organ music...loved the chicken it "French...he he"

  4. Wow.. Fantastic pictures as usual. I played the organ music and Kaitlyn was afraid. I was curious about the skeletons too and this is was wickapedia say's "The shrines in the side chapels of the Holy Family and St. Michael contain martyrs from Roman catacombs, donated by Cardinal Kollonitz in 1733. They were put on clothes from this period and placed in the glass coffins." Interesting I say......

  5. Yes the chicken armor is a bit much I must say! hehehe. and yes the organ music was deafening but still kind of cool! and Kris thank you for looking that up since I didn't....interesting. still gross. but interesting nonetheless