Saturday, June 20, 2009

Verdi, UN and the Magic Flute!

Well life has been very busy. I went to see Alejandro's concert at the church (see previous blogs) on Saturday night. It was a very cool concert. However, we couldn't see anything so it created this very strange bubble effect, where you could hear the soloists singing quite amazingly but since you couldn't see them, it sounded like they were singing from all directions. That was a bit of a strange experience but the concert was very cool! Afterwards, we (Nayeem, Hyojeong, Martin and I) went over to Alejandro's for a bit (aka til 2 AM) and chatted. Another person from his orchestra and his girlfriend joined us (they were from Germany and Hungary respectively). We took a taxi home since it was late and the Ubahn wasn't running anymore and the buses only came ever 30 minutes or something.

Sunday I went over to Nayeem's for lunch, which was lots of fun. Nayeem and Jeremy's friends came over and we ate (a great meal) and then we played CRANIUM!! A little taste of home. I love cranium. It was pretty fun I must say.

Monday I went to Hyojeong and Martin's and we played WII which was fun. I love WII. Specifically fishing and that shooting game on WII play. but the shooting game makes me tense with all the alien kidnappings.

Yesterday, Nayeem, Hyojeong, Martin and I took a tour of the UN. It was pretty cool. Very big and the tour just took us to little parts of it. It was rather amusing when we were going through the security check. We had to show our ID in order to go through and the guy joked that our group was basically the UN (Since we were from America, Korea, England and Austria). They showed us to the different buildings, explained how the UN worked, showed us the space display, then we got to go to a viewing room where a meeting was being held! Apparently the meeting was in English. However the only word I actually heard was "Airborne" which was a bit disconcerting. It was being broadcasted into the viewing room, but it was kind of broken English. One thing I found interesting...there are 6 languages of the UN-English, French, Chinese, Russian, Arabic and German (I think it's German at least) and sometimes when going between certain languages, they must translate as many as 4 times before gets to the right language. For example, Arabic to Chinese doesn't translate easily, so the translators will translate it Arabic-French-English then finally Chinese. Not always but sometimes...which I think creates great possibility for error, but she said its very efficient the way they do it. Also, they have to eliminate things that might be offensive to someone else. So say a person speaking in French tells a joke, but the people from China find it offensive, then the person translating would say "Laugh along with everyone but it cannot be translated." All pretty interesting I must say.

Tonight, I went to the Opera. I saw the Magic Flute. I got there 2 hours before but it was still really full already! However, the Opera was very good. I think that Faust was just not my style. Not funny and rather slow moving. The girl standing in front of me in line was from Portland and her boyfriend was from Auburn. That was a bit coincidental. But we ended up standing next to each other during the Opera. She was also a history major. I never realized the part from the Magic Flute (the part that everyone knows) is very dramatic. Talking about death and despair etc. Overall though, the Opera was pretty amazing. There were 3 boys (probably around 10-12) who were pretty amazing singers. And of course, everyone else was too!

Anyway, pictures to be added later. It's a bit late and I don't have time to put them up but I wanted to put up an update before people get too violent in their requests. (Ok just kidding...) but still.

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