Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Ballet and Leopold.

I went to the Ballet last evening at the Opera House. It was lovely.

All right imagine me saying that in a snooty voice. hehe.
Yes, yesterday I joined the group of girls from North Carolina and went to the ballet. We got standing room tickets for just THREE EURO. I think I must go to the ballet/opera more often! I mean we couldn't see the very right of the stage (which is where a LOT seemed to be happening) but that's ok. It was three euro instead of like 100. We saw Anna Karenina. It was very nice. I would never have thought I would have been a ballet person but it was very good! I did get distracted by the overenthusiastic flute player occasionally. But there were some very cool moves I must say. There was this one where there were 2 circles of people holding hands and then Anna was being basically swung about with them in the circle (them holding her holding her hands but then the one circle would let go of her hands and the next circle would immediately catch them and she'd continue spinning with the next circle. Hard to describe but very cool. Also, those male ballet dancers have massive arm muscles. Random thought that I had to share. Only one "incident" that was kind of funny...I mean not for the dancer but for me the uncultured viewer who enjoys when mistakes happen ;-). So there was this dance scene between anna and this other guy (yes guy I am not sure who. haha) and the guy is supposed to run to the back of the stage as these guards(?) come forward. However, there is a black screen they lowered up and down throughout the ballet. Well the people in control of the curtain didn't raise it in time as he was running to the back of the stage and he crashed into it and you could he him say "OHHHH" fall down, then get up and keep going. Obviously not what they would want to happen in the Vienna Opera House but that's ok. haha.

Here are some pictures from the Opera:
Today I went to the Leopold Museum. It's one of the many Modern Art Museums...I am not the biggest modern art fan but I have to admit that some of them are very cool. Some of the portraits had eyes that were sooooo realistic it was a bit creepy. haha. But it was nice. It was raining when I left so I headed home afterwards rather than continuing to wander. I was going to go to the store and get some groceries but it's a holiday again so the grocery store was closed...they have a lot of holidays in Austria!
Here are some pictures of the churches I visited the other day:


  1. You could starve with all the holidays in Austria! Obviously a 24 hr. Wal-Mart has not moved in to Vienna (thank heavens). Great pictures - as usual. That's a cute little church pictured at the very end.

  2. Hey you are becoming quite cultured these days...soon you will be taking us to operas. Loved all the great photos. You are seeing so very will be an expert on Vienna. I can't wait to hear about it in person. Its so different to live there vs. a quick tour. Just got my parents off on the 6am flight back to Tennessee...Anna was upset as she wanted them to see her ballet performance. (my dad is probably greatly releaved! he, he)not that he doesn't love Anna...but ballet is not his thing...miss ya

  3. Ballet is apparently my thing. Opera is not my thing. hahaha. I went to the opera and will go to two more I think (to make sure it definitely isn't my thing) but i did find myself a bit bored. but that's ok. I'm sad I'm missing the ballet performance though!!