Friday, June 19, 2009

Vienna Philharmonic, Dinner and Monsoons

Well I had quite the night this evening. It was very nice. I went to see the Vienna Philharmonic (6 Euro standing room) because the professor from Georgia told me about it. The concert was amazing I must say. Pretty sure I never need to see another orchestra play again.

Ok that's not true but it was amazing! Afterwards, I went to dinner with some of the people from Georgia. We went to a place called 1516 (or 19 I'm not sure haha) which was fun. We just chatted and hung out for a while. But I had a great time, we're all adding each other on facebook as they're leaving for Prague tomorrow.

Then came the monsoon. Well, the monsoon started right before the concert got out. But it is downpouring and still hasn't stopped downpouring almost 4 hours later. It was enough that the overhang things at the place we went to kept filling with water and every 10-15 minutes or so gallons of water would come pouring off the overhang, occasionally onto the restaurant goers or the workers. they then decided to fold up the overhang which lead to about a swimming pools worth of water to come off of the tarpy overhang thingy, directly onto one of the poor waiters. hahaha. he handled it well and continued that. but still. however, I don't really mind that it has been raining because it has been really humid these last few days. Maybe the monsoon will release some of the humidity and I won't feel like I'm drowning...

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  1. Hello. I thought I'd check in and see how things were going for you! I haven't been here in a long time. Tia's nights of musical theater, parades, prom and graduating and Truman also wrapping up his school year has kept me very busy! : ) But I am happy to read you are still very busy and enjoyimg yourself! I bet you are looking forward to meeting up with your mohter too!?!?! Well I better go so I can read about the opera next! : )