Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Update on the goings on of Lauren HIllard

Well since my last post I went to the Opera House and actually saw an Opera (rather than a ballet). I have discovered that Opera's are not my thing. Now, the music was great and I will say that their voices were great too. But after 3 hours I was a little bit bored. That might have had to do with the fact that I was on my feet the entire time (3 euro versus 100-200 Euro) but you'd think that an opera about a guy who sold his soul to the devil would be more interesting!! (I saw "Faust" in case you were wondering). I am going to go to 2-3 more Opera's just to make sure I wasn't having an off night (I'll see the Magic Flute and maybe Aida or this other one). However, they did have this cool little screen that translated all the French being sung into English, which was helpful and I'm sure added some interest since I actually knew what was going on then.

I think I just prefer the ballet because they're moving, and piano. I kind of love the piano, especially when it's played so amazingly (by guy from previous blog) etc.

Other than my boring Opera (hey at least I went to the Opera for the first time in Vienna!) I have just been wandering. I went on some walks, went to a couple more churches and wandered wandered wandered. Today I found a church that is quite literally directly behind my apartment but I had somehow, after walking by about 100 times in the last 3 months, managed to not notice. It's rather large so I am shocked at myself. I think I need to walk down some more side streets in Vienna to find some other amazing buildings.

This is the church that I managed not to notice:

Also, on Monday I went to a rehearsal of Alejandro's (a man in my german class) at a church in Vienna. They were rehearsing for a concert that's this weekend which I will be going. I think the concert will be pretty awesome. They will be playing Verdi's requiem. For some reason though, I can only think of is Harry Potter when I hear the song and I know it's not in one of those movies...and it's bugging me. haha.

The concert will be here:
It should be pretty great!
Random picture I took and liked


  1. Hey, when I get there we'll have to hit a few side streets and find out what's nearby! Also looking forward to Hunderwasserhaus and the museums AND Bratislava AND especially spending time with you.

  2. I don't see a clip of music to listen to or maube read???

  3. Lovely pictures too! I better go I just noticed I miss typed maybe! : )