Thursday, March 12, 2015

Ubud, where they clothe their statues

Following the night of lizards and the infamous earwig, Hye Jin and I headed into the town of Ubud. Well, at least the part of Ubud that is not the terrifying monkey temple.

Our first stop was Ubud Palace. It's the official residence of the Royal Family of Ubud. I had no idea Ubud had it's own royal family. It was pretty small for a royal palace, but interesting.
We wandered around the palace. It was extremely hot, but at least I managed to remember sunscreen and not further put myself at risk for skin cancer.

Here's Mr. Chubs the lizard. He's further proof that lizards are running rampant in Ubud. That's fine for me but "too natural" for Hye Jin.
Chubs made a quick escape.

We shopped for souvenirs for a bit. I bought my students some key chains. I almost made a fatal error and (thankfully almost) grabbed the penis key chains. Thank heavens I noticed them before actually touching them.

From then on I noticed a penis key chains everywhere. Yikes.

There were so many different temples all over Bali, ranging from small to enormous. It was pretty great!

After wards, we ate something called "babi goreng" which is supposedly quite famous in Bali.

What is it, you may ask? Baby pig.

I did not enjoy it very much. But, I made an effort to eat a local food at least. It was much better than starfish, which is horrific.
Here's a wedding we saw while driving.
Afterwards, we drove for a few hours through jungle, rice paddies and back to the area closer to the airport. We had one more stop, which will be in the next blog!

A Buddha. Next to Bob Marley. Fitting.

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