Thursday, March 12, 2015

The World's Worst Cultural Park

Our final stop in Bali was Garuda World Cultural Park, which was a bit disappointing owing to the fact that the main attraction, a statue that will supposedly be bigger than the Statue of Liberty, is not finished yet and majorly under construction. It shows no signs of suddenly being taller than the Statue of Liberty. Just saying.

I don't actually understand why it's even open, except to charge exorbitant fees to see giant disconnected heads and torsos and the dragon that he is supposed to be sitting on, but isn't yet. I did not make the decision to go there and probably would not have gone if given the choice. I get the impression that there hasn't been any improvement at all in recent years.

Highlights: The tourist group taking my picture and the snake railing. And the fire we could see looking towards the ocean.

To the left and the next couple pictures below are pictures/carvings of Garuda.

At least I got a few pretty pictures out of the deal.
There is a face hidden in this wall.

There is the dragon Garuda will allegedly ride at some point in the future. Personally, I suspect that this is a lie.

A miniature of what the statue will purportedly look like in the future.

Here I am, hot, uncomfortable and faking enthusiasm for the picture.
The view from the dragon.

This statue was about 75 feet high, which is impressive, but as you can see, it's a bit weathered, which indicates to me that it's been sitting disconnected from his bottom for many years.

Notice the person in the terrifying mask at the bottom of the screen.
There was an interesting dance in front of the the giant statue.

The view from the top.

The fire is to the right.
The fire is now in the middle of the picture.

This is the sign informing women they cannot enter if they are on their periods.
Tradition costumes.

The previously mentioned snake railing.

We watched the dancing for a bit, which was very cool.

Here's one of the masked people relaxing, probably out of character.

This kind family let me join their family photos.

Aka, I didn't realize they were there.
The woman to my right looks so happy about these pictures.

Outside of the park, there were giant statues of various wild animals.
Afterwards, we headed to a final dinner on the beach, which I believe was the culprit of my "Bali Belly."

To be continued.

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