Tuesday, March 24, 2015

My last night before Bali Belly struck

After visiting the world's worst cultural park, we drove to Jimbaran Beach for a beautiful sunset and dinner.

The sunset was fantastic. It was one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen. We watched as the sun set along the horizon, then after it had passed, the sky turned this incredibly pink! It was so beautiful.

While watching the sunset, we ate a rather large seafood dinner, which I believe may have been the cause of my bout with Bali Belly.

Or it could have been the coconut.
These puppies were adorable. A small girl from Australia, probably about 6 years old, ran over to play with it while her family all yelled hysterically and simultaneously, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" My friend thought they were being dramatic, but I fully agreed with them. I had seen another tourist playing with stray dogs earlier and was thinking, "RABIES!" even if he was adorable!

Is the culprit here? I wonder

I had never eaten lobster before, so that was an adventure.

I mean look at that!

Our lovely table.

Afterwards, we got one final fabulous massage then flew back to Korea on Garuda Airlines, which won the 2013 World Airlines Award for best economy class, which they totally deserved. They were so helpful and gave people a lot of things, like diapers for children! It was a lovely flight.
I also saw a Korean woman sleeping on the plane with a cosmetic face mask. ON THE PLANE!! Ridiculous.

I made it back to Korea and then was stricken with illness. I can tell you this: You do not want to get Bali Belly. I don't know what it was that caused it, since I was very careful about drinking water, but it was awful. I hadn't heard of Bali Belly, but when I returned to Korea everyone asked me, "Did you get Bali Belly??" which is when I discovered it was a thing. I don't want to go into a lot of detail, but let's just say that it was very uncomfortable for about 10-12 days. On day 6, I was convinced I was being ravaged by an intestinal parasite. Medication did not help and actually made my situation worse and more uncomfortable. It just had to work it's way out of my system. Obviously, I survived. I would still highly recommend Bali, with the caveat to not eat seafood and refuse to eat or drink anything that has touched the water. Don't do it, people!

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