Sunday, March 1, 2015

Bugs, Monkeys and Lizards, oh my!

I am finally back to writing blogs. At least for the moment. I traveled for a month after leaving Korea and have been home for a couple months now, but I've been busy not writing blogs. But I hope to get caught up soon!

I left off last time during my trip to Bali in October, which I'll continue now. It's very good that I keep a travel journal, otherwise these would be impossible.

For some reason, my pictures won't upload in order, which is annoying but I'll label them as needed.


After leaving Nusa Dua and the beaches, we headed to Ubud which is in the jungle. It was interesting to move from the beach area, which wasn't particularly wooded and then drive straight into the jungle and all that entails.

Bugs, lizards and monkeys, oh my!

We drove past Albert Einstein and a lizard.

We drove past some mansions.

A giant eyeball.

And a ton of temples. It was a gorgeous drive.
We then got to our hotel in Ubud, which was amazing. It was overlooking a valley and a river and was just infested with nature!

The picture to the left was the elaborately decorated elevator.

This was the fountain at the front of the hotel.
The small dot in the middle of the lighter part of the wood was our friend the lizard. He lived with us during the night making dramatic lizard noises throughout the evening and into the morning.
This was our private pool, which I spent much of my time in swimming around. We basically swam, wandered around the grounds of the hotel, swam, ate, swam, wandered, swam, ate for the day. It was heaven.
The view from our room.

The hotel itself was quite beautiful.

There were statues and fountains everywhere.
The dining room.

A slightly blurry view of the grounds. It was getting dark.

My drink decoration.
Mr. Lizard, whom I named Arthur on the darker part of wood. He decided it was necessary to wander the ceiling.
The view from the dining room.

A pig and his fountains.

Our lovely room.

Here I am, swimming aimlessly.

The pathway to our room.
Here are some snakes.

A close up of the elevator.

The grounds were amazing. I would love to go back to Bali for my honeymoon and stay in the two hotels we stayed in for the week. They were so incredibly wonderful.

That evening, after swimming lazily for a while, I decided to head inside and shower.

Why, Lauren, if it was so warm and wonderful would you decide to go inside?


Bugs were falling on me from above. From the trees. from the houses.

It was gross.

I went inside and glanced at my shoulder.

There was enormous earwig on my shoulder that was crawling rather quickly at my face. I flicked it off and thought I killed it.

Unfortunately, there was more than one or I was unsuccessful in my killing.

I know this because as we were laying down to sleep that night, an earwig decided to climb rapidly up the canopy and hide itself 10 feet above our heads, but make enough appearances that Hye Jin was unable to sleep, which meant I was unable to sleep.

By morning, I was quite exhausted and Hye Jin announced that the hotel was too natural for her tastes.

I personally felt that it was a beautiful hotel that I will definitely return to. The bugs and lizards gave it character.

My next blog I was write about the terrifying monkey temple we went to the next morning.

To be continued.

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