Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Photobombs of Seville

As usual, there were about a trillion photobombs from Seville, so here you go. Just like the other photobomb blogs, these include actual photobombs and pictures taken just to annoy me or others.

To begin with, here is an extreme close up of Allison's face.
 Adrienne in a drive-by-bomb at the Cathedral.
 Adrienne leaping about.
This one is by me, which is rare. Adrienne appears to be frolicking.
 Allison refusing to cooperate.
Allison continuing to refuse to cooperate.

She also seems to be square dancing.
 Anna looking extremely attractive in her photobombing.
 Allison bothering me.
 Adrienne leaping more.
Notice the slight blur in the corner? I wonder who that is.
Oh, it's definitely Anna.
And she ran by and just her shoulder is left. If you notice, Allison is in a different position because she was circling the pole.
 Anddd I'm cut out and there's Anna again.
 "Stop it! I'm not ready!"

 Oh look, just half of my body.
 And Lauren's gone.
 And Anna again.
These rapscallions just refused to cooperate, no matter where we were.
Adrienne. I'm sure was leaping around before this.
 Me bothering Adrienne
 Adrienne refusing to cooperate.
 The blur of Adrienne.
This photo of Allison makes me laugh hysterically.
 We're not ready!
 Still not ready...
 Anna looking attractive again.
Adrienne and Allison being fully cooperative.
 Anna leaping about.
 Adrienne casually walking by.
 Adrienne bothering me.

 And continuing to bother me...
 "Adrienne, where's the rest of my body?"

 "Adrienne, you've cut off half my face."
 Anna looking more model-esque.
 Adrienne bothering Allison as well.
 Adrienne jumping of course.
 "Adrienne, where are the top of our heads?"
 Anna dancing through my picture.
Anna looking beautiful, even though she's purposely bothering me.
Anna coming by in a blur.
 And further blurring.
 "Seriously, stop it. I'm not ready."
 At least I'm ready!
 So much pointing.
 "Oh fine, I'll point."
 "Does it look like I'm ready?"
"You can't see my face because my face is in the corner."

"Where's the rest of my face?"
 Anna blur.
And somebody's arm.
Adrienne. She seems to be singing.
 Allison capturing us unprepared.

 Adrienne covering her face. I told her to stop covering her face.
 So she covered my face.
And refused to move it despite several pictures being taken.
 And all attempts by me to get around the fan.
 There's the side of Anna's face looking sneaky.
Andddd there she is!

And of course, there will be many pictures to come from Geneva and beyond.

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