Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Photobombs of Geneva, Annecy and Montreux

Surprisingly, there are few enough photobombs from Annecy and Montreux to put in just one blog. I also found a few more photobombs from Geneva from the pictures on my phone. So here we go.

Here is Adrienne hurling herself into my picture of my second favorite building.
Here are the girls being slightly uncooperative.
Here I am, photobombing my own picture. I am sure that this is due to my irritation of Adrienne refusing to cooperate.
Here's Anna, who seems to be surprised she's walked into the picture.
Oh, no it was definitely on purpose based on that blur of enormous amounts of hair.
And it's back to Adrienne being uncooperative.
Adrienne looking annoyed that she's photobombing. That is ridiculous since it is all her fault.
A close up of Anna's face.
Adrienne jumping, as usual.
Allison being uncooperative as she meanders by the picture.
Adrienne and Anna jumping together. This is before Anna's toe injury.
Adrienne purposely standing in front of Allison.
And Allison peeking over Adrienne's head.
Everyone refusing to cooperate.
This requires no explanation.
Adrienne taking a picture of me adjusting my shirt.
And there's half of our heads.
And just a quarter of my head.
Somebody's fingers are in my picture.

Adrienne and Anna leaning instead of leaping into my picture.

My payback for all the photobombing. least she looks cheerful.
Adrienne casually looking through my picture.

Allison also casually walking in front of my picture.
Adrienne and Anna. The casual walking continues.
Here I am casually walking into my own picture.
And continuing to casually walk. Apparently I also said something hysterically funny, based on Anna in this picture.
Allison interrupting my artsy picture in Montreux
 Allison looking mildly ridiculous.

Adrienne took a picture of Anna and I unprepared and that little girl photobombed our picture unintentionally.
 "Really, Adrienne? It's been two weeks."
 At least my hair looks nice.
 I decided at this point not to be annoyed about the annoying picture taking.
 "Adrienne, why can't you just take a picture of me?"
 "No, Adrienne, I am not ready."
 Anna cheerfully photobombing.

 I believe this is me taking a picture of Adrienne unprepared.
 Oh wait, now she's leaping.

One last leap for Switzerland. Hungary was full of everyone photobombing, including Lilly.

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