Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Photobombs of Geneva

I'm pretty sure there are enough photobombs and pictures of half my face from each city for me to make a 500 page book. I had to make an agreement with Adrienne eventually that said, "If you are going to cut off my face in pictures, you have to take a normal picture as well because you're ruining all my photos."

Here are the photobombs and pictures of my face cut off from Geneva, beginning with a picture of half my face.

Allison leaping into a photo and whipping her hair back and forth.
Adrienne taking a picture of my hair looking rather strange.
At least it's a picture of me laughing and not knowing a picture is being taking. It's much better than a surprise unattractive picture.
 Allison leaping in again.
 Here are Anna's nostrils.
 Allison looking ridiculous.

There's the other half of my face. Perhaps I really am two face
 Here's just the top half of my face.
Darn, I'm not laughing, so it's an unattractive picture.
This is my, "Seriously, Adrienne? You are ruining my life" face.
 Adrienne photobombing my viking hat picture.
 Allison completely blocking the viking hat.
 Allison completely blocking me from the picture.
 Adrienne taking a surprise picture of Anna.
 Once again, I am not laughing. Adrienne is the worst.
 Adrienne saying, "I am successfully ruining every picture!"
My attempt to catch Adrienne unawares.

Unfortunately, she just looks like a model looking off into the distance.
Adrienne and Anna creeping like gargoyles.
 It almost looks like Adrienne's just posing and not photobombing..
Oh wait, she was just preparing to kick into my picture.
And instead of Adrienne taking secret pictures, here's Allison taking secret pictures of us. Adrienne, you deserve it.
I believe Adrienne is touching me with her butt and I am laughing uncomfortably.
 Here I am laughing hysterically because Adrienne is being weird.
 Allison taking our picture.
 And we're walking...
And we're walking and I am dramatically posing because I don't want to be caught looking ridiculous and annoyed, like the infamous stomping picture of Cordoba.
 And we're walking...
And we're walking and the camera is officially really close to my face.
Here is a swan that photobombed my picture of a duck.
 Adrienne leaping by as usual.
 Something probably fell down my shirt. Just checking.
 Adrienne leaping OFF the wall to get into my picture
 Allison nonchalantly walking by.
 Whoops, Adrienne's gone. That was "unintentional."
 And Lauren's gone. Also "unintentional."
 Anna peeking over to photobomb.
Adrienne looking creepy behind me while I have no idea and, therefore, cannot look annoyed about it.
Adrienne has the rapisty eyebrows going on, which is even more creepy.
 And they're both photobombing as Adrienne continues to look creepy.
 The girls refusing to be cooperative
 This was my payback. Adrienne said to me, "STOP TAKING PICTURES OF ME SLEEPING! EVERYONE HATES IT!" And I said, "Well I hate it when you cut off half my face in EVERY PICTURE!"
Anna looks like she's ready to begin a ballet move. Adrienne just looks like she's going to punch someone in the face.
 Allison blocking, Adrienne continues to look angry.

Allison walking by, less nonchalantly this time.
 Anna leaping around.
 Adrienne squatting along.
 Adrienne taking a picture while we are unprepared.
 Still unprepared. Also it looks like I'm tipping over.
 Allison's definitely not prepared.
 Allison casually walking by, once more.
 Adrienne looking ridiculous. Anna looks like her normal self.
 And Anna, why do you look so normal?
 Adrienne's eyeball
 Both of Adrienne's eyeballs
 Adrienne casually looking to the left thinking, "Maybe if I look this way, she won't know I'm doing this on purpose."
Anna photobombing my attempt to take a picture with our family name.

And those are the Geneva photobombs. There are many more to come from this trip.

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