Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Geneva, where I experienced a devastating loss

The first picture I have from Geneva. Someone had written
"No pole dancing" on a pole in the church.
We flew into Geneva late in the evening, but we were able to catch the last train into town. The train was a very long 6 minute ride to the station we all needed to find our respective hostels. We didn't stay in the same one because Allison wasn't sure they would join us in Geneva originally, but they obviously decided that they would. By that time, the hostel Adrienne and I were staying in was completely full.

It was late at night when we arrived at the train station to walk to the hostel. As soon as we arrived at the station, Adrienne was being cat-called by men.

We made it to the hostel and checked in to our room. We had our own room that night but had to switch to a 3 person room the next evening for 2 nights. Then, we switched again to a 2 person room.

Anna doing a very convincing impression of a

The next morning, we met Allison and Anna. We headed to find breakfast. Switzerland is extremely expensive. The cheapest thing we found was a 7 dollar convenience store sandwich.

We then headed straight to the Cathedral.

As I mentioned before, there was a terrible accident and my SD card deleted about 150 photos. Unfortunately, they included the photos of inside the cathedral in Geneva and underneath the cathedral. Underground, there is a really amazing archaeological site underneath the church that you could visit. It also included all my photos of the famous fountain that shoots so high, Allison could see from the airplane. I have one photo of the fountain from my phone. I didn't take any pictures of the church with my phone. It's devastating.

The church, St. Pierre Cathedral, was the adopted home church of John Calvin.

They recently started excavating the Roman ruins and ruins of the original churches underneath the current cathedral. They are basically layers of old churches, graves dating back to the 2nd and 4th century. I took pictures of the signs explaining more about the church, but those pictures are gone. The first picture is the first one on this blog.

The graffiti saying "No pole dancing." I appreciated the How I Met Your Mother reference in the second picture, despite the fact that the person who did it was defacing a very old cathedral. I think they are the same person. The handwriting seems to be the same.

We walked up to the top of the Cathedral to look at the beautiful view. The cathedral is located in the Old City section of Geneva.

Lighting was a problem in the pictures.

 The view of Geneva.

 Geneva and a very tall crane ruining my picture,
 Adrienne annoyed at the flash.
Allison. I think this might be her jumping but I wasn't sure, so it's not in the photobomb blog.
 Here I am in the dark lighting.
 A little brighter, but the background is unclear.

 Adrienne looking morosely into the distance.
 Adrienne looking less morose, but with a giant shadow on her face.

 Look, not shadow! What a surprise!
 Here I am in a slight shadow.
Included in these pictures was one where Adrienne took a nostril shot. I refuse to even include it in the photbombs because it's horrifyingly unattractive.

 Here I am. And there's Allison's behind.
 The medieval town.

 A small part of the cathedral with the Old City in the background.

 Anna peeking through the wall.

The rafters. If you noticed, Adrienne and Anna were posing like the Hunchback of Notre Dame earlier.
The staircase.
The area outside the church. My missing pictures also seemed to include the pictures I took of the outside of the cathedral. -_-
We headed over to the Russian Church because Allison wanted to see it. And I always enjoy the Russian architecture and churches.

 There's the church!
Very pretty.
 Here we are in front of the church.
 The neighborhood surrounding the church.
 The sign outside.
This should be included in the photobomb blog, but it's here. It's here because I was attempting to take a secret picture really quickly inside the church and Adrienne leaped in front of the camera looking really creepy.
 I was able to take another secret picture, but needless to say I was irritated.

The only picture of the church I have.
Some sort of strange exercise statue.
 A different church.
Afterwards, we headed down to the river and walked around.

Naturally, I enjoyed taking pictures of the swans and ducks.
 There were a lot of them!

 And look how cute they were!

 Really cute.

 This part is actually a river.

With a little inlet where lots of adorable birds hang out.

 This was on a small island in the river. It's a statue of Rousseau.

 After that, we decided to walk around the lake, which I will write about it in Geneva, part 2.
Here's the one picture I have of the fountain in Geneva.

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