Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Great Snore of 2013

Throughout Europe, Adrienne, Allison and I suffered majorly from allergies. For Adrienne, that meant that her eyes were itchy and, by the time we got to Budapest, her eyes were swelling shut. She also had a plugged nose. For Allison, it meant sneezing. For me, it meant sneezing and an incredibly plugged nose.

A plugged nose means that I end up snoring.

Apparently, on the train from Montreux to Geneva, while I closed my eyes to take a quick nap, I looked incredibly worried AND was snoring with my mouth slightly open. My mouth was open because I couldn't breathe through my nose. Adrienne, Allison and Anna laughed hysterically. Adrienne then continued to make the face for days.

To the right, Adrienne is laughing hysterically from trying to make the face.

Still kind of laughing while making the face.

And there's the face.

And there's the face again, on another day.

The imitating was continuous, until Adrienne started snoring extremely loudly while lying on her back in Vienna. Then, she shut up about my snore.

But that was before the Great Snoring Incident of 2013.

In Budapest, one of the evenings I decided to go to bed a little earlier than everyone else. Adrienne and I were sharing a room, then Allison, Anna and Elice were in the other bedroom. The two rooms are connected by a sitting room.

Allison and Adrienne were in the sitting room.

I'd completely fallen a sleep when suddenly I was awakened by an unbelievably loud snore.

The snore came from me.

I was feeling really startled, but not worried about anyone having heard me since I was alone in the room.

I turned over towards the door to see Allison looking in, with a horrified look on her face.

Since I was still mildly asleep, I whined at her, "I snored!" and she left the room. But, by then, I was laughing so hysterically that there was no way that I could go back to sleep. I went into the other room where we all laughed hysterically for a good 30 minutes. Probably due to exhaustion, but it was ridiculous.

As Allison put it, "It was just so severe!"

They also could not get over the fact that I'd woken myself up.

Luckily, that's only happened to me one other time. It was when I was living in the dorms with Lauren. I was laying in my bed one morning thinking "I should get up now" when suddenly I snored an unbelievably loud snore. I started laughing hysterically, naturally, while Lauren said, "You're awake!?:

We went to a pool the next day and I accidentally fell asleep in the grass while laying out in the sun. I snored again and woke myself up. It was just excessive.

I hate allergies but I have them for the majority of the year. Apparently, they're especially bad in Seattle and in every city in Europe.

At least I wasn't the only one to wake myself up snoring. Adrienne woke herself up in Vienna. And a couple times I woke her up, since she doesn't snore if she's not sleeping on her back.

These last pictures are pictures of us from my phone in Annecy that I forgot to post.

These are the horrible tan lines on our feet from our matching sandals.


  1. You neglected to tell the story in which you snored into the face of the good looking guy on the plane?