Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Motels, Fire and Tsunamis

On Sunday, I was studying for my Korean test on Monday (which went quite horribly. I got a 38% on the writing part of the test. How embarrassing. Eventually I'll learn Korean....maybe....... perhaps.......probably not.) My friend was helping me by going through my notes and asking me various questions and I would answer them verbally, which actually did help because I got a high score on my speaking test. Apparently I should have been responding in writing. I discovered one of my problems may be my spelling.

We had learned a bunch of different ways to say "wear" or "carry" in Korean. They have different verbs for every single type of clothing/accessory/bag/passport you may be carrying or wearing, which makes it a little difficult. But I had written very diligently in my notes, "I am carrying my passport" then gone on to my next sentence. As my friend looked through my notes, she said "you spelled passport wrong."

English spelling of a Korean word: Passport is "yeo gwon" Motel is "yeo gwan."

I had written "I am carrying a motel with me." Oops. That may be one of my various issues with learning Korean. But, I am trying hard. Eventually it will come.

Quick student story:

Scenario: create a country and trade with other countries for resources
Student 1: We have oil, so we will burn your buildings and steal your resources.
Student 2: Well, we have water so we will send a tsunami to put out the fire and flood your country.
Me: Ummm, that's not really the purpose of this project.

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