Monday, February 20, 2012

Lobsters, Eggs and Lion King

Quick student stories:
I wore glasses to class one day, because my eyes were tired due to jetlag. For those of you who don't know, I have horrible vision, which means my glasses are slightly coke-bottlely and make my eyes smaller than they are (which freaks my students out). I get to class and my student says, "teacher you look like Stephen Spielberg." "Me, What!?!" And she said, "no wait, I mean Stephen Hawking." I was horrified. The next day, I was wearing my cute headband and she said "Teacher, you look like Jack Sparrow." I said, "Wendy, you are so kind to me."

Student 1: "Teacher, do you live in an apartment?"
Me: Yes, in a one room apartment.
Student 2: Like a lobster?
Me: What...? Like a lobster?
Student 2: I said, "Like an Office-tel?"
Me: Clearly I am going deaf

Reading Book: The earth is like a cracked egg. Underneath the dirt it is broken and moving around and those pieces are called tectonic plates. When the plates hit, this causes earthquakes. One of my students immediately said, "More like an EGG-quake!"

The same student is extremely excited about recently seeing the Lion King and I was fighting him to do his work because he kept breaking out into song. "THE CIRCLE OF LIFEEEEEEEE" "Leo, do you work please" "HAKUNA MATATA!" "Leo, do your work." Until I joined in, fully encouraging it. "THE CIRCLE OF LIFEEEEE!"

He is the same student who picked up on a student reading the name "Mr. Cooper" as "Mr. Pooper" and looked absolutely gleeful and was looking for someone to laugh with, but couldn't because no one else heard it, so we laughed about it together.
My student was telling me today about how her father took care of a chick that her friend gave her and got really attached to it, but her mom made her give it away and he cried for days.
Another student said, "Your dad is so cute!" I then told them about the fish funeral we had for Grant's fish when Adrienne killed it, which they found hysterical.
I launched an investigation in one of my classes (as a joke, since I knew exactly who drew on my face *cough girl who said I looked like Stephen Hawking* cough**). I was sitting at a desk working with a student, when I noticed this on a portrait of me:

I said, "Wendy, I wonder who did this!" and she said "IT WASN'T ME!" So I launched an investigation, involving many students. It's difficult to explain, but it was quite funny. I interrogated everyone in the class, they were blaming each other and other students from other classes. It was ridiculous, yet hilarious.

Also, while cleaning my apartment, I discovered I am a hoarder of plastic bags...

Also, I watched 20 minutes of infested and it brought me back to this moment and I couldn't sleep for days. Well, one day.

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  1. Yes, because they had a whole episode on centipede infestation... ew.
    Also, though at first I thought that was a Hitler moustache, I now see you have a goatee as well. And your blue eyes are not attractive.

    We love your student stories here. Keep up the good blog work.