Friday, February 3, 2012

Ages and Faces

Just a couple quick stories. I know I haven't blogged in a long time. I went home (blog to come) then started intensives 12 hours after I landed, so I was at work 12 hours a day most days for a month. Soon I'll get my blog up at running again.
About 4 days before I went home, I got a horrendous cold. I lost my voice (I sounded like a man and people kept calling it my "sexy voice." I had 3 different students tell me they liked my voice better when I was sick.
During that time, When my students asked me I knew Kim Jong Il died, my response apparently made it sound like I killed him. Apparently I was still having trouble forming sentences in my illness.
A bus driver said to me, "Good Morning Sir, How are you?"

I learned that instead of "Once upon a time," Korean stories start with "A long time ago, when tigers were smoking."

I had a student say to another student, "don't worry and have a face." Who knows what that means.

One of my student's birthday's was listed as 1970. Of course we all laughed and he assured me he knew his birthday. But about 20 minutes later, when filling out a form he said, "Teacher, I can't remember my name, I'm too old."

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