Monday, February 20, 2012

How can you fallacy!

I am starting a new Korean Drama. I'm 30 minutes in an it's already intense. It's called "The Moon that Embraces the Sun" otherwise known as 해를 품은 달. The person that I thought was the main character just got killed by a cow...or rather 4 cows tied to each of her legs and arms and forced to walk, so she dies by getting ripped apart. Luckily that wasn't shown. There are a few mistakes in the translation. At one point someone yells, "HOW CAN YOU FALLACY!" among other things.

Also, a lady in my Korean class has climbed Mount Everest, so clearly I need to get a move on in life. She's fascinating to talk to. She was telling me about visiting India and how "People are REALLY living there. More than anywhere else." We ride the same bus, so I'm waiting to hear more interesting places she's been to.

Also, I'm starting up a bit of a language exchange slash hanging out with my hairdresser/friend and her friend, which should be quite a bit of fun I think. So far, we're trying this thing where I speak in Korean (or attempt to but I have no vocabulary) and they fix my grammar and they speak to me in English and I fix their grammar. Hopefully, my Korean can continue to improve a bit. I'm hoping that speaking more will help. We shall see!

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