Thursday, March 1, 2012

Diet Wars and Twilight

It's War and I am your fat!

Student: I'm reading Twilight in English right now.
Me: That story is based near my hometown
Student: Oh really!? Do you know Port Angeles?
Me: Umm Yes, of course I do.

Twilight--providing completely useless information to Korean students everywhere.

Also, I watched "The Three Musketeers." The one with the fairly promising cast, including my favorite Matthew Macfayden, aka Mr. Darcy.

Cheesiest. Movie. Ever. My friends and I laughed quite a bit at the ridiculous. At some point someone yelled, "I AM WEARING BLUE!" and there was a lot of Matrix style fighting where it was unnecessary. People didn't use contractions, so perhaps it was a movie made for me.


  1. Re the Musketeers: Noooooo! But I knew something was wrong when they featured the red-haired woman fighting in the previews, but never really focused on the 3 Musketeers ... So not using contractions was their version of authentic dialect? Hmmmm

    Keep up with the student stories!

  2. See Twlight is useful...haha...Anna got to sit in the coffee house where Harry Potter was created! So now we now 2 places...I think you wouldn't count Twlight :)