Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Gooder, Bling Bling and Bowing

Here are a couple student stories. In a test preparation class today, I was teaching Paraphrasing.

Me: What's another word for "better"
Student 1: Gooder!
Student 2: More good!
Student 1: More better! Gooder! Bester! Like Buster the Dog!
Me: Honestly....
Student 1: I hope you know we're joking.

In another class, I was asking my students to tell me some different religions.

Me: Alright guys, what are some different religions.
Various answers: Christian! Islam! Catholic!
Student 1: The one where they live at a church and wear robes and have Bling Bling hair!
Student 2: No, they have no hair!
Student 1: Yes, the Bling Bling hair!
Me: Buddhist?

On Sunday, I went to dinner with a couple of women from my Korean class. There was a little boy who was absolutely fascinated by me. He kept staring at me. I waved at him and said hello, so he hid his face in his mother's shirt. Then, he continued looking, while still slightly hiding his face. I said "안녕" (annyeong, which means hello) and he said "안녕" (annyeong) put both hands on his stomach and bowed. Quite possibly the cutest thing I have seen in my entire life.

We ate this which was delicious:

Similar to chicken noodle soup, but no noodles. And yes, of course we waited until the chicken was fully cooked.

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  1. Hi Lauren! That soup actually looks very good. I just came back from Japan and had my pot stickers! I did see the church with the great view while in Paris. What a cute area. I am beginning to do some research for our trip to see you this summer! We hope to go in August. Glad we don't need a visa so I don't have to get another passport as I need mine now for work. Love all your stories!!! Miss you lots here.