Sunday, July 19, 2009

Vienna and the 4th of July

So the day after Bratislava and the Kunsthaus Wien, mother and I wandered around Vienna. We went first to breakfast and got a croissant. Then we went to the Leonardo da Vinci exhibit they were having at the Minoretinkirche (my favorite church in Vienna).
Then we went to Schonbrunn and wandered around the gardens, looking at the palace and the fountains.
We went to lunch at Nordsee and to Stephansdom. By that point our feet felt like they might fall off so we decided to go back to my apartment.
We watched a couple episodes of Arrested Development, chatted some more and then I took her to the train station. After a bit of confusion (due to her train saying it was going to Amsterdam and it being connected to a giant row of cars) I got her in the right compartment. We realized then that we had forgotten her water in my fridge. She said she didn't need one but I went and got her one anyway (without her knowing). When I got back on the train, since we had already said goodbye, she was a bit shocked and said it was like a movie. Me showing up with water. hehe. It was very nice. I was sad to see her go. I had been invited over to Nayeem's that evening once my mom left, so I headed over there. Liviu, Alina, Hyojeong and Martin joined us there. We talked for a few hours while eating.
Ordered 2 pizza's that were supposedly for 4-6 people that were absolutely gigantic.

which we ended up almost finishing...We THINK this was due to the fact that, even though they were gigantic, they were also very thin so we ate more.

Then as we were eating our pizza, I noticed some fireworks. Which is when we (and by we I mean Nayeem) realized it was the 4th of July. I had forgotten about the 4th of July. So Nayeem and Jeremy just happened to have some sparklers at their apartment so we set off some sparklers and had quite a good time!
Then we played this game called the 6 name game which was a lot of fun. Basically each person puts 6 names of famous people into a bowl. During the first round you go around the group. Each person gets about a minute and you describe the person in several one word descriptions. For example, if the person was Jennifer Aniston you'd say "Friends. Rachel. Pitt" or something to that effect and then you try and get the people to guess the person. In the second round you have the same names but you can only use one word (which is hard) then for the last round you have to act out the names with no words. It was a lot of fun and ended up having some rather hysterical moments. (one of the names was Eddie Murphy. The one word used was "donkey" which then was acted out by Alina and basically involved her crawling around the floor. And then one of the names was Michael Jackson and I had to do the moonwalk...actually I think all of us put in Michael Jackson so there were several Michael Jackson dances going on....


  1. Sounds like you had a great time with your mom and with your friends. The 4th wasn't the same without you and your mom.
    Allison had a water fight with your sister at know who won...Allison just opened her bottle and dumped the whole thing on her. Skillet apparently had fire on stage as part of there act today. And its over 100 degrees,,,

  2. These are great pictures, Lauren, and people at my work are really enjoying them ... along with a lot of people who we can shun for not commenting AFTER you get back. This has been a great blog -- just wish we could save it somehow for posterity!! Enjoy your last official weekend in Vienna -waaah!