Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Romantic Road, Harburg Castle and Rothenburg!

So the next day (after Neuschwanstein Castle) we headed to another tour which went on the Romantic Road to Harburg Castle and Rothenburg. We arrived at the tour on time. Got our seats on a nice double decker bus. Then sat there for an hour. Apparently there was a mishap with the computer on the bus. So they brought us a new bus and we left an hour or so late. But they just extended the tour an hour so we wouldn't miss anything.

Our first stop was Harburg Castle. It is a relatively small castle on top of a hill. It is about 900 years old and still privately owned, which is pretty cool. I want to own a castle! It is extremely well preserved. We went into several of the rooms and into the courtyard. I couldn't hear the tour guide very well because I was in the back but I did learn you can get married in the chapel for 200 Euros and have a reception in the courtyard for 750 Euros. Haha. definitely the most important thing ;-).
After the castle, we drove on the Romantic Road of Germany towards Rothenburg. Which is very romantic.

The drive was very beautiful. We drove through the town of Augsburg and then arrived in Rothenburg. Rothenburg is a small, old medieval town. It's only 1 square mile. and adorable. outisde the walls are a lot of old inns, because people who were not citizens of the town (and I think nobility) had to leave the city walls at night. Basically, Rothenburg is adorable. It has bright colors and is overlooking this big valley. Our first impression of Rothenburg was......STAR WARS

As we were enterting the city, as seen in the video, there was a band playing Star Wars. It was kind of a strange/hilarious first impression of the city.
We learned quite a bit about Rothenburg during our mini-walking tour of the city. 40% of the city was bombed by the US during WWII because the Americans needed to drop the bombs they dropped it on Rothenburg. However, immediately after the war, the US raised money to rebuild the city. Now it looks as though nothing ever happened.
(this is the meat store...)
So we wandered the city, saw a very strange car.

and a giant Nutcracker
(Rothenburg is famous for it's Christmas Shops)

went to look at a view of the city

ate lunch in the main square, which was beautiful and a bit surreal.

though we were right next to Medusa

went to a couple of the churches

mother walked in front of every picture I took

Bought a schneeball (snowball) which is this round cookie filled with a filling of your choice (I chose chocolate) and dipped in something of your choice (I chose hazelnut) which was delicious
Saw the drunken mayor clock...

attempted to see the river that was supposedly in the valley...definitely could not see the river. Mother said it was because it didn't exist...but she said that when we couldn't see Neuschwanstein for a couple minutes either.
Climbed up the wall of the city for a bit.

Then drove back to Munich. More pictures from Rothenburg in next blog post. It won't let me put anymore in this one...
The Next day we took the train to Vienna!


  1. That was a great day ... and you only took two water buffalo shots with the V bangs - whoo hoo! No, really, very cool pictures.
    You didn't mention we met the ex-Chief of Police of Fife (I think he and his wife are up on the wall with you in the picture) and a couple from Milton. And someone called out, "Helllooo Kitsap County!" at us

  2. The photos are awesome! When Tia was little we watched Pinocchio every day, anyway the photos of Rothenburg brought that to my mind! I think that is where geppetto would have lived, although it's a different part of the world and his name wouldn't have been geppetto, it still reminds me of it! : ) Funny isn't it how you can run into people from "home" while in another country?!

  3. So what lovely pictures.I have been there and thought it was a very cute little village. And by the way since you have abviously forgotten english, we over here in America refer to the meat store as the butchers.... Just saying. Maybe you'll need to practice a little english before you are allowed back into the country. HEHE. I love harrassing a hillard. You have awesome pictures and am very jealous of all your adventures. Love ya kris

  4. Loved that town...we got a cute room, right out of LOR but soon learned that the bell tower rang every half hour...I nearly fell out of bed as my room was within touching distance of one of the clock wonder it was sooo cheap. But you do feel like your in a fairy tale..glad you and your mom have so many experience toghether...miss ya