Monday, July 6, 2009


Well last Sunday I met my mom in Munich. I got to the train station about an hour and a half before her train was supposed to come in. So I got something at a cafe so I could sit down (since I couldn't find a bench) then went to the board to find her train. I definitely looked at the wrong board..Departures instead of arrivals. Which I of course realized was the case AFTER her train arrival platform was no longer on the Arrivals board. So I was a bit worried I wouldn't find her. Luckily, she was at the second platform I checked. It was wonderful to see her again! It had been over 3 months so it was very nice! We talked that night about everything, ate dinner at Burger King (she was exhausted and it was the closest restaurant...) I made her stay awake until 10 PM. We watched Arrested Development for a while then went to bed. We woke up the next day around 7. Well she got up at 6:30 for whatever reason, and I got up after that. We then decided to go on the Hop-on-Hop-off tour of Munich.

We chose the grand tour, which went to Schloss Nymphemburg

It was around here that our bus got stuck because the cars were parked too close together and we had to back up about half a mile. And we were VERY close to the other cars parked on that street...
The grand tour also went to the Munich Olympic grounds,

along with the main tour of the City.

After riding around the city on the bus once, we got off the bus at the Theatinerkirche, a church near the center of town. It was a very large church which was yellow on the outside and almost pure white on the inside, apart from the paintings. It was soo beautiful. The square it's in is designed to look similar to Florence, which it did. It was very cool. (apparently Iwas having eye trouble in this picture)

After visiting Theatinerkirche, we walked by another church. It was a greek church built in the 1400's. Unfortunately, it was being restored and we couldn't go in. But it was still interesting to see from the outside!

We then walked to the Frauenkirche, which is the church that is sort of the symbol of Munich. Aka it's on the front of most brochures/books about Munich.

The inside was actually very simple, but reminded both my mom and I of Westminster Abbey. The layout and location of the graves etc made it seem similar, even though Westminster is much more ornate.

We paid to go to the top of the tower and see a view of Munich. The view was great and it was a beautiful day so you could see really far!

After going to the tower, we decided to eat lunch. We ate at a cafe directly in front of the Rathaus, which is an AMAZING building. It is really ornate (like the one in Vienna) but also has a glockenspiel!

We ate spatzle for lunch. Then we walked around the town for a while longer, saw some very cool buildings

The Hof Gardens

and then headed back to the hotel. We intended to only stay for a little while but realized the area around our hotel was a bit unsafe so we decided to stay in...We watched a bit more Arrested development and then went to bed. My first full day with mother was quite good I must say!

Also, I really wanted to get a cookoo clock that was made in the Black Forest. They are kind of amazing. But also really expensive. It will give me a reason to go back there again! just for a clock =)

Lastly, we saw this hanging all over the was for a concert that was supposed to happen in July and August...


  1. Excellent photos, and now that I've watched you I see that you really do just point and shoot ... and given that, your pictures are beautious! As for the photos of me, I've decided that any inheritance money or windfall will go to having my neck "done." As we know from Gangy's neck enhancement on Arrested Development - it's a very good investment.
    Good post!

  2. I know I really am just a point, shoot and run! haha. also you're neck is fine. stop that.

  3. Though I did just think of the quote from Arrested Development "it is easier to look at"

    But that has nothing to do with you mother