Sunday, July 5, 2009

Donau Insel Fest

So I ventured last Saturday to the Donau Insel Fest, which is a large outdoor music festival, with Nayeem, Liviu and Alina. It was a LOT of fun. Nayeem and I had watched Flight of the Concords (hilarious btw) for a bit before we met Liviu and Alina at the Donau Insel. We stopped at one of the first booths to get something to drink and sat at some tables overlooking the water for a bit...before entering the massive crowds that come to the festival every year. After chatting for a while, we decided to head in the direction of the Snow Patrol concert (!!!) There are definitely a ton of people that go to that festival I must say. But it's not completely overwhelming.

We got these things that are kind of like elephant ears except they are thin and a bit crispy. the one we got was dipped in garlic. I'm sure all of our breath smelled fantastic that night...After wandering a bit more we staked out our spots for the Snow Patrol concert. The band playing before us (Morton?) was pretty good. however, at one point the singer sort of yelled out a strong swear word that seemed to shock a lot of people. After he finished, Snow Patrol came on.

I love them. I was soo happy. haha. I attempted a video tape, but there were a lot of people talking but I will put it on here. Chasing Cars is one of my favorite songs I must say. After the concert, we headed back to the subway so we could catch the last ones back before they stopped. On the way back we heard a very nice band called Sorgente that I will have to look up soon. We also took some pictures.

We managed to catch the last subway. I packed when I got home since i had to get up early to take the train to Munich! I will write about my trip with mom to Germany, Bratislava and some time in Vienna, along with the 4th of July later.

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