Saturday, May 23, 2009


Well yesterday I slept in a bit then headed out to wander around Vienna. I decided to go inside Votivkirche, since I went to the outside during my first week but never returned. It's very beautiful with a lot of stained glass windows that made the light in the church quite beautiful. Right when I walked in the organ started playing. I was pretty sure I was going to be deafened. It was reallllly loud and you could feel it playing. But still kind of cool. After the organ stopped playing, a choir started to sing which was really cool. Afterwards, I decided to take the public transportation to make good use of my weekly ticket. While in the subway, it broke down. I was in it for about 15 minutes before they let us off. Not too bad except someone stepped on my foot and left this very black mark on my foot which was kind of gross (Though not as bad as at the Cliffs of Moher when someone was wiping off their foot with a handywipe and it flew out of their hands and directly in between my flip flop and my foot. that was a bit more gross). Luckily it broke down at a stop rather than in between two stops. Afterwards, I bought butter at the store so I could make my Macaroni and Cheese that my parents sent to me in my care package. I then called mother on Skype after chatting with her on AIM for a bit. We were having a bit of trouble because her sound wasn't working. I could hear her but she couldn't hear me through her headphones. So as she was trying to fix the sound (while talking to me and me typing responses) I jokingly said very loudly into my microphone, in a Phantom of the Opera type voice, "CAN YOU HEAR MEEEE." Which of course when her sound decided to start working. However, her headset was muffling my voice so all she heard was my disembodied voice coming through the main computer speakers saying "CAN YOU HEAR MEEE." Oops. Why, you might ask, did I even say it like that? Well, because I didn't think anyone could hear me obviously!! So, naturally we were both laughing hysterically. Also, apparently my disembodied voice disturbed my cat, Zach. Who was "sleeping" with his ears pointed backwards as I was talking. After talking to her, father and Grant (since Adrienne's at the Cloud's cabin on Mt. Rainier) I headed over to Hyojeong's. We ate Sacher Torte at Hotel Sacher with Martin (which was very good but expensive so definitely something to just do once) then invaded his roommates picnic on the roof which was fun. haha. Afterwards, I headed home, talked to mother again then went to bed. Well supposedly went to bed. Loedia lent me her book, which I decided to start before bed. But ended up reading 11 chapters.

Today I decided to have a lazy day. However, will tell you all about my weird dream I had last night. Basically, Kellie and I were gymnasts training for the Olympics because we did not make it in 2008 (For those of you who are reading this who may not know us, we are definitely NOT gymnasts) . When suddenly, an alligator came into our gym and attacked the two of us. I was hardly injured but Kellie's leg was almost bitten off. In my extreme worry for my dear friend I transferred her injury to my own leg. But did she have the same worry? No. she just let me wander around walking on my half eaten leg without calling for any sort of medical attention. Now How exactly would I interpret this? Obviously I am such a loyal friend that I am willing to carry Kellie's pain and would rather bleed to death than see her in pain, but when it's her turn to return the favor she won't even call a doctor.

Ok. Just kidding. I love Kellie and I know she'd call a doctor if an alligator attacked me.

and at last pictures from Salzburg are on photobucket!


  1. Love your photos! I was laughing about your "can you hear meeee" was so much like you and your mom! Sorry about your feet and your missing leg! Thats quite a dream...How's your german going? What are you going to do to for your Birhtday? 21! Wow thats so hard to believe. Somehow I don't see you out hanging and singing to a streetlamp...he he...(hmmm, but I could see your mom, and thats without drinking! Just kidding!) Are you going out anywhere special? I heard you got some wonderful goodies sent by Tralynda. That was so nice. ( I feel like dirt!) But I must make it up to you. We will all have to go out when you get back...Miss you.

  2. Happy 21st Birthday Lauren! Hope you have a happy day. We'll be thinking of you all day and hope you get some yummy Viennese dessert (although nothing can beat Twix and No Pudge brownies)...I haven't heard from you all day Tuesday and am ready to call the State Department, the Consulate, Hillary Clinton, IKI, the Pentagon, and Grammy.
    Love you lots, dear. It seems just yesterday you entered the world, the joy of our lives.

  3. Happy Birthday to you.. Happy Birthday to you.. Happy Birthday dear Lauren.... Happy Birthday to you.. And many more on channel 4.. hehehe
    Have a great day..kris