Friday, May 22, 2009

Strange Duck?

Well today I went to class as usual. We had the day off yesterday which threw off all my days and I came to class thinking it was Monday when it was actually Friday. Must have to do with my accidental sleeping in yesterday. One second it was 9 AM and I was thinking "I'll get up in a couple minutes" the next it was 1 PM and I was thinking, "wait, what just happened?" Apparently I was exhausted. Understandably though since I woke up quite early on Saturday and Sunday and didn't really have time to recover from the trip. After class I grabbed lunch quickly with Nayeem and Jasmit, dropped off my books in my apartment and headed to Schonbrunn Palace to look at the gardens. When I went in April the gardens were still rather dead. I walked around the gardens which were beautiful of course. Lots of roses and fountains (I found a couple bigger fountains I hadn't seen before.)

I also found a very strange duck. AKA I think it was a duck. It had a ducks body with a strange head. As if another bird's head was added on later. Sort of like a mix between a Puffin and a Duck. But quite pretty. So I, obviously, took about 50 pictures of this duck.
and a couple of it's girly-friend.

I also witnessed a duck fight. Two male ducks were fighting for the one female duck in the pond. Apparently there were too many ducks in the pond, which is why the Mrs was of course, hiding from the rest of the ducks.
Occasionally checking whether or not the other two had left.
and eventually coming out when the coast was clear.
After taking pictures of the ducks and fountains, I headed home. I
decided to make dinner, which required some milk. Only to discover that my milk was frozen solid. I think, THINK, there is something wrong with the refridgerator I have to defrost my milk and apples.


  1. I love all the pictures. They are very beautiful and interesting. Love to hear all that you are doing.


  2. Lauren i love your pictures. I decided you and your mom should team up and do a travel book. She will say something witty and funny and you can show off your fantastic pics. My fav is the puffin/duck. I heard from your mom that it has a real name but i like puffin/duck better. Your dad was just showing off anyway. HeHe. Can't believe your an old lady of 21 soon. I officially feel old. Krystal and Kaitlyn survived finals...I think... and are back home. You should see the piles. Yikes. Continue writing i like to see what you've been up to. Miss you.. kris

  3. Father-Why thank you!
    Kris- The puffin duck is quite cool I must say. also, I know. I feel old too. but that's ok. hehehe. Is there another wall of shame this year? bigger this time i'd expect. I miss you too!