Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hundertwasserhaus at last!

So after seven weeks (can you believe I've been here 7 weeks? what the heck!) I finally found Hundertwasserhaus!

It was incredibly easy to find. Jasmit helped me. Literally, the tram drove right in front of it. but of course, I had to take the right tram to figure that out! It is quite cool I must say! You can't go in it since it's a private residence but it's very cool from the outside! It's colorful and has weird statues and designs all over it! There's a church nearby that also looks quite cool and is huge but I didn't go inside it (it was starting to rain so I wanted to head back before that happened...the other day when it was 81 degrees it hailed!! Then there was a huge lightening storm...)

It was definitely worth the 5 attempts to go find it! Today I went to the Albertina Museum which was quite cool.

There was Monet and Picasso and a Rembrandt exhibit. It was soooo amazing being really close to those paintings. I mean, I learned that Picasso's brush strokes were rather uneven and you could actually see where the paint was thicker in some areas. It rose up a bit. It was really cool. I love Monet and Rembrandt, but even though I'm not a huge Picasso fan it was a great experience to study his painting closely and look at his brush strokes. And of course the other paintings. Then, since it was getting a bit warmer, I headed over to the Rose Gardens again. There were lots more roses than on Friday! When I go back again next week after SALZBURG I have a feeling there will be tons

And the cute baby ducks were still there! Along with the woman who was feeding them on Friday...I heard her explaining to another woman how she got in trouble for feeding the ducks.

I learned today:
Baby ducks have very flexible necks...

They really do follow the mom duck in a line.

One of these ducks is not like the other:

can you guess which one?
They are very cute when they are all asleep.

Apparently if the sun is shining on the pond, when you take a picture the water SPARKLES
and I am obsessed with baby ducks...who knew?
Here are the pictures of Karlskirche I promised! and of course Hundertwasserhaus, the ducks and the gardens!


  1. Fantastic Pictures, Lauren! I haven't been able to see them all, but for some reason I really like the Hunderwasserhaus. There! I've said it in public! My co-worker, Lisa, thought it was creepy looking and sneered at it ... but I like the colors. Not that I plan to paint our house like that ... but ... you know ...
    Go ducks!

  2. Wow, the pictures you take are incredible! I saw your mother last night and she mentioned you are going somewhere fantastic again this weeken! WIth all your wonderful adverntures to you actually do any class time or school work?!?!? : ) I am so glad you are having a wonderful time!

  3. Mother: why thank you! I like Hundertwasserhaus too. We can go there when you are here. Erin said that the museum is worth going to so I can wait to do that til you visit! Yay ducks!
    Tralynda: Thanks! I'm glad people think my pics are good! I am going to SALZBURG this weekend I am sooo excited!! and I'm doing the SOUND OF MUSIC TOUR! WOOHOO! It is wonderful! well I don't have a TON of homework everynight which is great and I get out of class at it works out very well!