Thursday, May 14, 2009


Well tonight I went to dinner with Erin before she heads back to the Harbor. So, first of all, the weather today is awful. It was 81 degrees just 3 days ago and today the high was about 50 and it rained all day...well I guess it's normal washington weather but still. When we went to dinner, Erin pointed out that you could tell we were the true Washingtonians because we were roughing it without umbrellas and she was wearing flipflops. haha. Anyway, dinner was fun. We went to Thai food. I got Pad thai which had tofu in it. We ordered in German. Spoke to the owner (I think it was the owner) only in German. I ate my dinner but left most of the tofu because it reminded me of eggs and it was weird. So as she's taking away our plates she asks me in English "why didn't you eat all this? It's good." and looked really annoyed. I just said I was full since I didn't want to be like "yuck tofu." it was sort of weird


  1. Maybe it was Erin's flip flops (jk)But most likely she heard you both speaking English throughout dinner.
    Have fun in Salzburg.

  2. Well yes but it was still a bit strange to ask me why I hadn't eaten all my dinner. earlier she had spoken to me in german and I understood and responded...she asked me if I wanted anything else to drink and when I said "nein, danke" she said very loudly in English "DO YOU WANT SOMETHING ELSE TO DRINK" and I said "nein danke" when I really wanted to say "YES I KNOW WHAT YOU SAID BUT I DON'T WANT ANYTHING ELSE TO DRINK"