Monday, May 25, 2009


So my internet was out forever so I haven't updated this in a while!

Random Quote from Kellie Having Typing issues:

that iskin of hilariou.
that is kind of hilarious.
my stupid keys are sticking and making me look like a stupidead.

hehe she called herself a stupidead

Anyway, since the last post I have kept pretty busy! I turned 21! My birthday was quite good. I went to class and Jasmit had made me a cake for my birthday which was quite good! we all ate cake and they sang to me. Afterwards, I went home for a bit, then went over to Jasmit's. She let me use her phone to call my parents (since mom had emailed my school and asked them to tell me to contact her. my internet was broken as said above). which was nice. we then watched a movie and headed to meet everyone for dinner! That is when I had my run in with the law. ok so not exactly a run in, I just almost got a ticket for forgetting to validate my ticket. I was used to buying a week ticket which I didn't have to validate, or a one way ticket so when I bought a 24 hour ticket I didn't think about having to validate it. So when the ONE time I've ever seen someone checking for tickets (and anyone else including those who have lived here for a year or more and have never had someone check) was the one time I forgot to click my ticket! The guy was very rude and just kept saying "70 Euro. You must pay 70 Euro" (rude for other reasons too). However, I was practically weeping (ok not really but there were tears), Nayeem said "it's her birthday and she just forgot. we were there when she bought it!" he said "ok fine 2.20" which is the price if you don't buy the ticket in a machine but buy it on a thank heavens I didnt have to pay 70 euro! So after the near trauma, we then headed to dinner at a restaurant on the Donau which was very nice. the food was good and the view was great! Nayeem, Jasmit, Liviu, Hyojeong, Alina, Loedia and Ernst joined us. It was a lot of fun. So overall my birthday was very good!

The rest of the week passed by uneventfully. It was really cold and rainy all week. Last night, Nayeem, Jeremy, Liviu, Alina, Hyojeong, Martin and I went bowling again. It was fun. I totally got a 93 which was very exciting. haha. We also went to dinner and wandering around the Prater afterwards until we were all freezing to death and headed home.

Grant has finally admitted that I am NOT a drill seargent. yesss. he went to a Marine training thing yesterday and said to me "You dont make me do push ups while yelling "pain and discipline"' finally after about 15 years of being nicknamed "Drill Sargent Four!"

Also, Adrienne almost thought I was psychic when mom sent me a picture of her. She was wearing my flip flops so I said through mother "Adrienne take off my flip flops" and she said "whatttt?"

anyway, that is all for now! Hopefully I will get some pictures up on here soon!


  1. Europe can be so intimidating and frightening. I got yelled at in france by the bathroom attendant while i was trying to throw away my apple core in the wrong bin. I guess it was just for paper and she made me feel like i killed someone. Tammy , my sister, paid her off with franks(this was pre-euro days) so i was not arrested and thrown into jail thank-goodness.
    So as a reminder one must read up on garbage disposel rules before traveling.I am glad you did not have to pay 70 euros.. that was a close one. I can not believe that your mom emailed your school. I told her you were not "dead in the gutter." She can be so dramatic sometimes. Keep up your blogging

  2. hahahaha she really yelled at you? that's kind of hilarious. slash sad at the same time. good thing you weren't arrested for throwing your apple core into the paper basket! we just learned all about our garbage in class so I should be ok =) also, mother is a little dramatic (I love you mother) but at least she cares! And I will be sure to blog more often. I've been bad recently but that had more to do with internet then me being lazy