Friday, March 27, 2009

Things I learned today...

Things I learned today...

1. When someone asks if you want them to take a picture of you, remember to unzoom your camera or you will end up with a wonderful picture of you standing in front of a white van and nothing else.

2. When taking pictures of cool buildings, be careful of the advertisement in the corner of the picture because it may be of two people who are very naked.

3. The National Library is enormous

4. Apparently, the proper etiquette when a taxi honks at you for crossing the street when he was driving is to give him a rude hand gesture, yell at the car then proceed to open the passenger door and yell more. Then look at the taxi driver as if he was being ridiculous for honking...

5. The horses that are connected to carriages have little holder things along their tail that catches their poop.

6. The Dogs in Austria can smell fear too.

7. Said dogs hang out near the National Library and may decide to chase you.

8. Said dogs know more German than I do

9. I can't speak German.

10. I can't understand German.

11. I can read German a little bit.

12. 5 people can fit, with luggage, into one very tiny car.

13. When renovating a statue, they put what looks like a tiny little house on top of the building that looks as if a tornado plopped it there.

14. The Weird Golden Dome mentioned in previous blog has grown a mustache.

15. When wearing black shoes and white socks, be careful if it rains because black shoes will turn your white socks, and your toes, very black

16. Occasionally it is very hard to find a crosswalk.

17. Specifically near previously mentioned golden dome.

18. And when trying to get to this building

19. Which is usually around the time a policeman drives by and prevents you from j-walking (not by saying anything but by showing up and you not wanting to get in trouble)

20. My arms need to be longer and my hands need to be bigger in order to take a picture of myself that actually has a background in it.

21. The advertisements on websites are now in German and say things like "Would you like an American green card? Live and work in America!" except in German

22. Also, when wandering around by yourself in a foreign country, the song "I will Survive" may pop into your head...In Ellen Degeneres' voice.

23. When wandering Vienna aimlessly, you can find a TON of cool things

Such as Minoretinkirche, a church built in the 1300's, which have obviously been added on to over the years, seen below.

And the many other pictures of today I have here:


  1. Hello Lauren dearest sister. Your blog is quite funny I'd say. I find it quite entertaining especially the part about the said dogs that can smell fear and may chase you. :) Miss you lots hope your having fun

  2. Love the pictures and the comments that go with. Where's the naked advertisement? That's what WE all want to know. I have a question ... between #20 and #21 you have a series of pictures ... the building in the picture above the last one looks very old ... what is it? At first I thought it as a church. When you find out, let me know.

  3. Adrienne did NOT say that ... in the second post above. She has hogged all the google profiles. She has ruined blogging for me. (AND she's laughing about it from her deathbed.)

  4. Never mind. I figured it out. Love the pics! Vienna looks awesome! Hey! Where's the Danube?

  5. Hey I agree with Adrienne, you could be the Dave Berry of travel writings! I could actually see you walking very fast to get away from those German Dogs. Thanks for the tour. Its fun seeing and hearing about Vienna through your eyes. And yes where is that Naked photo? The toe photo is a classic! Found any weird toliets yet? Whats with the mustache thing? Have fun out there!

  6. Oh my goodness you're so funny! It sounds like you are having a good time! I sort of wanted to see the pictures of 'very naked People' Ha Ha Ha. . . Take care : )

  7. haha welllll if you REALLY want to see the naked photo i can email it to you separately if you want...haha. But yes I am having a good time! there's so much to see! it's great! I have not found any weird toilets yet. hahaha. and the mustached building is apparently a museum. Who knew!

  8. hilarious! No I really don't want to see it! : ) I just found the thought of it amusing!

  9. haha I assumed which is why I didnt email it to you ;-)