Thursday, March 26, 2009

I'm in Vienna!

Well I have officially arrived. I got to my apartment a little after 8 PM last night after almost 24 hours of travelling! My flights were rather uneventful. The nice man at the desk in Seattle let my parents come to the gate with me without us even asking, after accusing them of "swarming around me." From Seattle to Chicago, the woman next to me was rather large and kept elbowing me. I watched Dan in Real Life and this random show that I've never seen but was pretty funny. Then I camped out at a plug-in in the Chicago airport for a while then got on my  next flight. My gate for the Chicago-London flight was about 2 feet from the one I landed at which was nice. The London flight was long. However, it was quite nice because there wasn't anyone sitting in the middle seat of our row so the woman on the other aisle and I could put our stuff there and put our legs a bit more to the middle, so it didn't feel quite as much like I was getting deep vein thrombosis. The woman on the other side of my row was quite nice. She was going to visit her fiance who she met in Greece but was from Wales. I watched a movie called Sixty-Six, read a bit, watched an episode of Ugly Betty and then slept. Stared. Ate the not so horrible airplane food. Then I landed in London.

Apparently in London, they don't assign the planes gates until they actually land. Since I got there 4 hours early, I got to sit around until they posted my gate about 40 minutes before my flight took off. I watched Arrested Development on my wonderful portable DVD player, read "Darcy's Story" and wandered about a bit. There wasn't too much to see at my terminal.

Anyway, I couldn't keep my eyes open for the entire plane ride to Vienna. I like Austrian Air because they have way more leg room then United so again my legs were prevented from getting Deep Vein Thrombosis. I landed. My suitcase was the first one off the plane but my little tote bag was "lost." When I went to find it they had it in a back room which was nice! Everything survived except my shampoo cap. Then I went to bed at about 9, got up at 8 and now I'm going to go explore the city! I'm putting up a couple pictures of my room and the view from my room!


  1. Thanks for the recap, I say. Your room looks very nice, and now you can make it yours ... as much as you can. You're probably out exploring as I type this. We all miss you! Grant is here too ... we'll write emails to you later! Love mom

  2. Yea, your there! We will have fun seeing Vienna through your eyes. Nora and her family are looking forward to seeing you! They took us to see the Oprea House in Budapest, which was built by "Sissy's" husband and he was upset that it outshown Vinenna's and never went back but Sissy did go. You'll find so much of Austria and Hungary history! We will be reading your posting. So glad you are safe..and yes it was hailing and freezing while we were in try and stay warm.

  3. Lauren, I am so Glad you made it safely and without too much hassle! Your apartment looks awesome. I am sure you are going to have a wonderful time.

  4. right on! i miss talking to you non stop :'( im having withdrawls. but im glad youre having fun!