Monday, March 30, 2009

March 30th! Day 5!

Well, today was rather interesting. I went to bed at a decent hour last night and actually fell asleep! I slept in a bit since I was exhausted from not actually sleeping the night before. I woke up, got ready for the day and headed to the train station to buy my ticket to Budapest! I also bought a Vorteilskarte, which kind of gives you discounts on train tickets which is nice! I asked Erin how to get to the train station to buy my ticket and successfully made it there. I used the Ubahn (subway) for the first time and realized when I got there that the train station is on the street parallel to my apartment. Also, I had to take a passport photo which is one of the most horrendous pictures of me that I have ever seen (see pictures). I look like a serial killer. I bought my ticket and then said to myself "Hey, why don't I walk down Mariahilfstrasse. That could be nice to see." Well it would have been a good plan if I'd actually walked in the right direction! I realized I was walking in the wrong direction when I hit a kind of sketchy neighborhood that was no longer Mariahilfstrasse But I turned around and accidentally found the Technical Museum and found my way back easily even though I was temporarily lost. It was my first adventure getting lost. I made it back to my apartment pretty easily after wandering around some of the areas I went to a few days ago (around the Rathaus ), which I think that area is one of my favorites so far. I stopped at Starbucks for Kellie. She asked if the Starbucks here had Specialty hot chocolate (which they did). I didn't want to wander in and just look so I ordered something. I ordered in German (HeiBe schokolade) but apparently at Starbucks you order in English, which means I accidentally got a Hazelnut Hot Chocolate, which was the equivalent of like 6 dollars. Oops. Not going there again! I must find some nice cafes! It's still rather cold and rainy. Tomorrow, I think I'll go to a museum, depending on weather. If it's nice again like it was two days ago I'll definitely stay outside! Oh and I just realized that I put the wrong zip code on the form so I must return to the train station tomorrow. Lame


  1. Good for you Lauren for tackeling the trainstation are becoming very independent. Soon you will be showing us how to do things! Make sure you find out how many stops you make and if you seat is reserved or open..we had to move as we sat in someones seat, not realizing it was reserved...(sorry, my mother instincts at work!)And you KNOW what happend to us with the WRONG stop. Not sure if the train will stop at the borader but ours did and the police came on and demanded to see passports...they were very scarry. I am so glad you have your roommates! Your mom told me the French student will also be learning German. Cool. And the best news, you will be with my favorite family in Budapest! They are soooo kind and will make you feel so loved. They are very proud of their home and its so lovely and comfortable. And they love choclate! So you will have some very good food and good company...Judith is so nice and so is Kostia..and of course you'll love talking girl talk with the girls..they are big fans of some of our tv shows..The Office, Ameirca's Next Top'll feel like your at home. I gave Nora Twilight to read. I d/l skype but need to get a new mircophone and then we can "call" each other..I would love to wish you "Happy Easter" in Budpapest. Love ya and miss ya.

  2. Lauren, it's quite awesome that you're just getting out there and tackling the city without a second thought. Good for you, my dear. Also, you look quite defiant in your passport photo - I've never seen you do that with your chin before! That will scare of nefarious people in those sketchy neighborhoods.
    Hey, I'm also impressed that you ordered in German .. at least you got a hot chocolate and not a hard cider or something ... they got the main gist!
    Talk to you soon! Keep up the posting and pictures -- I still think you should send the one to Ellen or Jay Leno.

  3. Elice: I'm pretty sure it was an open seat but I'm going to go back tomorrow to figure out exactly how it works. haha. also i'm going back since i wrote the wrong zip code. Microphones are pretty cheap I got mine for 10 dollars. mom wanted a headset so hers was a little bit more expensive. But skype works really well! love ya too!
    Mother: I know! well i was attempting to line my eyes with the line they told me to line up with but i was having issues because i was too short and so I was kind of was very strange. I shall keep posting pictures as I send them. and I will send the picture to one of them =) but i'll wait til I get back so I can see it too! hehe

  4. You are entertaining us with your experiences...just as if we were with you. I love the play by play and the fact that its not all perfect but its "real" our sitting in the wrong seats..just makes more stories to tell.
    Thomas called and told me you and he had IM each other..told him to try and d/l skype as you college kids keep odd hours and time changes and could talk. Keep up the postings!