Tuesday, March 31, 2009

More expeditions to the train station!

So I returned to the train station today using the same way as yesterday. Aka going to Stephansplatz then taking the Ubahn up to the station. I headed there and asked how my open ticket worked and would the train get full. And the lady at the desk said, "Yes it will get full but it's 3 Euro to make a reservation." So I said "Ok, may I make one for the trip there." However I only had 5 Euro with me, so I couldn't make the reservation for my return to Vienna right then. I also asked about the address issue on my form and she gave me the number to call in about 2 weeks, so that is easily remedied. I made the reservation for one direction, returned to Stephansplatz to wander and find my school. I also texted Judit (in Budapest for those who don't know) and asked if I should make my return trip reservation made now. She said yes. So after finding my classroom (in a different building than where I took my oral exam) and an ATM, I then returned to the train station for the third time in two days and made a Reservation for the trip back to Vienna! I'm officially going to Budapest in 10 days! At that point I no longer had any change for the Ubahn and was not about to put a large bill in the machine so I decided to walk (in the proper direction this time) where I discovered that the walk from the train station to my apartment is about the same as the walk to Stephansplatz where I was taking the Ubahn. Oops! Good to discover though! Now I can just walk there in about 15 minutes! Not bad! In addition to going to the train station, I also wandered the area around Stephansplatz a bit more and found some more cool statues and things on buildings. Also, Mariahilfstrasse has a really nice church that I took some pictures of. I also bought yogurt.

In other news, on Mariahilfstrasse, I saw a Mcdonalds that had a sign that said "McCafe." McSick I say.

Also, I saw a van attempt to parallel part but went crashing into the car behind him...and someone ran into a sign and their bumper fell off. Also, a drunk man passed out in the Ubahn/Subway and this guy decided to scream and clap at him until he got up. Subways are always good for interesting stories! It's like in Paris when the 2 people got on the Subway and started yelling what would basically be "Hello I am here to pickpocket you!" Classes start tomorrow and I'm rather excited to begin learning the language more! And meet people. That will be great too!

Pictures of today! http://s15.photobucket.com/albums/a353/LaurenHillard/Vienna%20Day%206/


  1. Those pictures from today are gorgeous! You make me laugh out loud (which is not good since I'm checking your blog here at work). I still admire your chutzpah as you get out there and get your business done without knowing the language. We'll be praying you'll have friendly people in your class!
    Love you!

  2. I am so glad you reserved a seat. It is a nightmare to get in some of thoes cars...we got run over as people raced for the open seats..then your stuck to the wall in the pull down seats. Look at the outside of the cars and it says the number/seat so you can go in the right car..don't try to walk through cars to get to yours if you have a suitecase..some cars have just compartments and only a small walking area..we did that and it was a hugh mistake! You will love Budapest...its a great city to tour. And I had to laugh at the fact you could have walked to the train station...we had that happened to us many times...its a learning experience (and sore feet). I will be looking forward to hearing about your first day in class. Hows the kitchen? Done any cooking? The girls are busy playing Wii. We are off to pretend to be tourist in Gig Harbor.

  3. Elice: Yes I am glad I reserved a seat too. it was definitely worth it since it was only 6 Euro more total!! I am very excited to go to Budapest. I think it will be really cool! and yes me being able to walk to the train station reminded me of when you guys in Amsterdam were able to walk to the museum that you took an hour of different types of transportation to get to! hahah. oh well! it happens a bit before you learn where everything is in the city! The kitchen is good. I've done a little cooking...it's a bit scary because I have to light the oventop myself which makes me nervous!! Have fun being a pretend tourist! did you guys get a Wii or did Adrienne bring hers. Also, could you pass on Allison's email address!? that would be wonderful! have a great day! I miss you!

  4. Yes, Amsterdam is what I was thinking about...we were making a simple walk into an hour long ordeal..and of course we see the building we could have walked to on our last day! We all turned around and looked at each other and burst out laughing. So much for being savy tourists. Just wait until you meet that hole in the floor that is a toliet! Or trying to get a cart for shopping and realizing you have to put a euro into the cart just to use it...or paying for plastic bags to carry your grocery supplies (you'll see people bring their own). And Anna and Allison hated the stinky cheese I bought..you just had to eat without breathing.

    I gave Anna a Wii, for her birthday..it was a surprise..Thomas and Allison are thrilled too.
    We didn't do the Harbor, but hope to get out today. but it might have to be an indoor thing.
    Wow, you are having an adventure orver there, stove lighting will be another added learning experience of your list! I will send you Allison's email.

  5. Elice: Haha oh amsterdam...i have yet in my many cities in Europe to meet the whole in the toilet. and I hope I do not!! I have bought 2 bags for groceries so I will just reuse those until they wear out! I have not bought cheese yet. I'm a tad scared. I did buy tomato sauce and pasta though today yummm...The Wii is a wonderful thing! I hear there is snow in the harbor today are you doing to make it out? i am having quite the adventure!