Monday, March 23, 2009

Getting Ready

Welllll last night I was able to get all of my stuff into one suitcase without even having to expand it! aka Marsha made me take out shoes and I removed some of my clothing and other things, so I'm all ready to leave! I can't check in for my flights, since they have to see my visa to prove that it's legal for me to go to Vienna. But that's ok. I can't believe I'm leaving tomorrow!

PS Thanks to everyone who came to my goodbye parties! both in Seattle and Gig Harbor! It was wonderful seeing everyone before I left!


  1. I created a gmail account just for this blog. It's 6:02 am here, and I know you're sitting in Heathrow fending off muggers, molesters, snipers, and Hare Krishna. I know you're safely traveling under the protection of the Lord, since so many prayers go with you. Including mine. Which were throughout the night here, and starting in earnest at 5:15am. I'm sure grammy will be getting up soon to start the next shift :-)
    Wind storm last night knocked out power here, so I wasn't able to sign into your blog as I hoped. I'm sure you're wiped out since you've now been up 24 hours. Only 5 more hours til you're arrival!!!!

  2. have so much fun!!! and be safe!!! Love you!