Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Things I will miss in Korea Part 2

1. Finding things in the street like absurdly old cell phones, or centipedes being sold for food.

2. George Clooney's tiny cup.

3. Funny signs and t-shirts. They were everywhere and constant! I was constantly bombarded with hilarious signs and t-shirts. They were usually funny because the words were misspelled or the grammar was horrendous. Or they were just weird!

One of my middle schoolers wore this, not realizing what it meant. One of her friends told her after she was already at school.

4. Lazy anime characters who should be trying to promote businesses.

5. Worried, eyeless snowmen

6. Actually, just seeing weird things on the street in general.

7. Exploring new places.

8. Finding things like peppers, kimchi or giant cloves of garlic lying around in the street or driving around in trucks.

9. Visiting the lovely aquarium with the really happy fish.

10. Students who were comfortable enough with me that they made fun of me.

11. Other beautiful things!

12. Exposure to a new language every day.

13. The obsession with Che Guevara

14. My students' fantastic artistic skills.

15. The sunset from my apartment.

16. Finding hidden gems in the street

17. Amazing views of the city.

18. Animals wearing makeup or animals with dyed hair.

18. Stumbling upon places like this

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