Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Kuala Lumpur Bird Park, home of the mad scientist of birds.

Our next stop was the next Kuala Lumpur Bird Park, which was pretty cool. There were a lot of birds, as would be expected. They were running around on their own and many of them were quite large.

The park itself was quite large and beautiful. There are 3000 birds and 200 species. I didn't see that many. There were a lot of peacocks. And other birds of unknown varieties.

And monkeys. There are always monkeys. I hate monkeys.

According to the bird park website, bird watching is a common activity at the bird park. I'm completely shocked by that information.

While I know that peacocks are rather annoying birds, they are quite beautiful.

Certain birds always remind me of dinosaurs.

This specific species of bird, the Crown Victoria pigeon, was unknown to me prior to this experience.

They remind me of mad scientists, specifically ones with crazy hair.

They are from New Guinea.

There were tons of them.

This ostrich was very upset and attempting to attack everyone, except the fence was in his way.

Here he is in attack mode.

Here's the most exotic of the birds there: The chicken

This branch was pretty high. I wasn't aware peacocks could fly as high as they did in that park.

Notice the number of peacocks.

This bird was very brightly colored.

The white bird at the top of the picture kept trying to fly off but never actually did.

I love photographing flamingos.  I don't know why.

They're quite beautiful and occasionally very aggressive without actually moving from their spot.

And their necks are really bendy.

This guy was on the run.

Along with a lot of other birds, which was a bit alarming to the people they were approaching.

Notice the bird sprinting in the background.

Just getting some sun.

Some of the birds were still as statues on top of the tables. I would not recommend eating at those tables.

More peacocks.

He was looking a bit fishy.

More Einsteins.

He was short, fat and large.

This was outside of the park. Afterwards, we managed to get a bit lost attempting to walk to a tower that was a lot further away than it looked like on a map or in the distance. Eventually we took a taxi, which took approximately 20 minutes and went up the tower. That will be in a subsequent blog, following a blog about my jury duty experience.

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