Thursday, November 28, 2013

Wandering the hot streets of Seville

After our siesta nap and recovery from the heat, we headed out in the cool 99 degree weather. The weather, by the way, did not cool down somehow as the sun set and by the next morning it was 106 degrees.

You don't believe me? Here.

This is the screen shot I took the next morning.
In case it wasn't obviously, there was an incredibly amount of sweating and heat rash.

This was my leg when my heat rash was looking better. It was horrifying.

Also, I've had so many blisters on my heels in my life that my heels are scarred in a not obvious way. They're permanently red, which stands out when my feet are hot and apparently looks like heat rash. I know this because Adrienne said, "Oh my gosh Lauren, you have such a severe heat rash on your heels!" And I had to say, "No, that's just what they look like."

We headed through the neighborhood and over to the Jewish Quarter.

The Jewish Quarter has a terrible history. In 1391, Archdeacon Ferrant Martinez closed all the synagogues in Seville. He converted many of them into churches, which you will be able to see a bit in my pictures. He also took all of the Jewish quarter's land and shops. During the pogrom in Spain, which, if you remember, is the massacre of Jews, thousands were killed and the others were forced to convert. The Plaza de San Francisco was the site of the first 'autos de fé' in 1481 when 6 people were burned alive.

In 1492, the Jews were expelled from Spain.

The streets are made up of winding narrow roads, designed to protect people from the sun. Seville is nicknamed the "Fry pan of Spain," in case I haven't mentioned that before.

 See, very tiny streets.

There were plates throughout the streets, sometimes embedded into the walls.
 The walls were really cool.

I loved the flowers as well!

 Here's one of the many cats we saw that day.
 Here are Adrienne and Allison touching the rabies ridden cat.
Just kidding, the cat actually looked well taken care of.

Here's Don Juan, the fictional womanizer, gambler and violent man.

I can only see that name and sing "DON JUAN TRIUMPHANT" from Phantom of the Opera.

I loved the little paintings and artwork hidden throughout the streets on the walls.
 This was in the Jewish Quarter.

 I really liked this building for whatever reason.

 Tiny streets.

Here are some angels.
 It's so beautiful.

 Here Adrienne and I are on the streets of Seville.

 This was hilarious.
 Adrienne looking horrified.
 I loved the fans in Seville. I bought like 5 million.

This reminds me of Helena Bonham Carter in the Lady Jane, a Room with a View days,

Tapas and Gastronomia!

There they are. There were a few photobombs from the attempt to get this picture.

This bench is amazing.

Afterwards, we headed to the Plaza de Espana, which took a while because we walked in circles around it for about an hour.

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