Thursday, November 28, 2013

Seville by Sunset and by Night

After wandering the Jewish Quarter, we decided to head to the Plaza de Espana, because Anna said it was beautiful (it was) and that she knew how to get there (she didn't).

We had a map, but we walked in circles around the building for quite a while before finally managing to cut through and get to the plaza. We saw other very interesting buildings in our circling of the Plaza, but I have no idea what they were because we had no idea where we were.

While making our way over to the plaza, we witnessed a gorgeous sunset.

Here's the cathedral as the sun was starting to go down.

 This was the authentic iguana Mexican restaurant.
 This tram system went through here.

I'm not entirely sure if this was a photobomb or a purposeful picture.

 The sunset was beginning.
And here is Voldemort. And not kind of better looking Voldemort in later movies. But Voldemort bursting out of the back of Quirrell's head.

This is one of the buildings that I don't know anything about.
I do know that there were a ton of cats in front of the building, including a ton of kittens.
 There they are along the fence.
She was a little mangy looking. I'm sure that made Adrienne want to pet her.
Just relaxing.
 A kitten following her mom.

 So cute.
 Just wanderin'.

 We walked in a circle around this building, because Anna thought the other building was very near to this one (it wasn't).
 The sunset!

 The wall.

 It was a great sunset!
 Here's Adrienne and the sunset.
Here I am. There are 3 pictures where Adrienne cut off my head in some way.

It really was a great sunset. Unfortunately, as I have mentioned, it did not bring the temperature down in any way.

I have no idea what this is.
 Or this. No idea.
 This garbage can was fantastic.
 As was this one.
 Also no idea where this was.
 This was a fantastic tree.
 We finally made it to the plaza after much yelling of "We're never going to make it!!!!! and "I can't remember the taste of bread!!!!"  while also occasionally singing show-tunes.

The plaza was built in 1918 for the World's Fair in 1929.

It now houses government buildings, including the Town Hall.

The reflections in the water were just fabulous.

I love taking night pictures with a camera that will actually take night pictures. That was a problem with previous cameras.
 So amazing.
I like that it was built to fit the architecture of the city, even though it's a pretty new building in comparison.

 I love this picture with the reflection of the tower.

 So many fabulous reflections.

We then headed back into town. We got Kinder milkshakes and attempted to cool down again.
 Oh and we saw some more adorable kittens.
Oh here I am, just sitting here and being adorable and miniature.
The cathedral by night while heading back to the hostel.

We saw this terrifying husky. Then we had to go to bed.

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