Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Patios of Cordoba

In the evening, following the torture museum, we decided to wander the Jewish Quarter in Cordoba.

We did make a quick stop at the hostel, where I took a picture of the cute little patio inside the hostel.

Here is Anna photobombing my picture. I forgot a few photobombing pictures in the Mezquita blog, so they will feature here and in the next blog.
 Here's our hostel patio.
 Complete with fans and shoes on the wall!
While wandering the streets, we stumbled upon a couple of patios. In Cordoba, they have a yearly patio contest, choosing the most beautiful of the patios. They are very colorful with lots of paintings, plates and flowers. A lot of them are on display, depending on the time of day.
This picture is not the Jewish quarter, but the Jewish quarter is characterized by the narrow streets and white walls.
Here is a person with some lions.
 Here are some hands
 A piece of an old wall with newer buildings.
 Another patio

Here we are in the street. A nice man offered to take the picture of the 4 of us, but managed to not actually take the picture.

 The streets where a lot of the patios are located.
 A cute church there in the background.

 There were some geckos on the wall!

 Here is a flower.
 Here is Adrienne photobombing my flower.

 This was a hotel I believe, not a patio. I sprinted away when I realized that and someone was staring.

Our feet were quite tired at the end of our walk, but we managed to make it back to the hostel, somehow. Cordoba by night was quite beautiful!

Also at 10PM it was still 90 degrees and almost completely light outside, which was weird.
 So Spanish

One we headed back to the hotel, we all fell asleep quickly.

Well, all of us, except for Anna. She got to hear the horrifying sounds of near elderly intercourse. I think she was scarred for life.

There was a lot of weeping the next morning.
Since some of the patios were closed the night before, we went to them again the following morning, after the palace.

 Here is an old wall.
 And the patios!
 They were very interesting.

Adrienne took approximately 5 million pictures of me in varying angles.

 I believe this was the patio that won.

 All of the patios were so detailed! There were so many flowers and pots and plates.

 This was a weird plant

Afterwards, we had an appointment at the Arab baths for bath time and massages.

Our hostel recommended it and it was really nice!! And there were only 2 other people there and they left relatively quickly. There were several baths-salty temperate, temperate, freezing cold, hot and this steam room. The steam room had an extreme amount of incense that permeated throughout the room and was a tad suffocating, but other than that, it was wonderful!

We wandered between the baths and had our massages. The massage made me very aware that I hadn't really shaved my legs. But seriously, it was the most relaxing thing of my life.

Adrienne claimed it was the most relaxing thing of her life on facebook, then said "I don't understand why it was so great."

 Temperate bath.

 The showers.
The freezing cold bath. Allison was in there for a long time. I stepped in and immediately ran out.
The hot bath

We had lunch at a cute restaurant afterwards, where giant leaves kept falling on me, got ice cream, bought a couple souvenirs and headed to the train station.

There was a debacle, where our platform number wasn't on the list for a long time, but eventually we got on the train.

Someone who had not previously bought a ticket was sitting in Allison's seat. I promptly smashed my seat into his legs (by accident of course) and he got off soon after.

The seat somehow leaned backwards and forward at the same time and went shooting back unexpectedly.

We also saw these signs pointing at each other, indicating the emergency exit. That's helpful

We arrived safely in Seville.

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