Sunday, November 17, 2013

The night I got shushed in Seville

I already mentioned the interesting train ride to Seville, but I forgot to put the view from the train. I overheard a girl talking about how ugly the countryside was in Spain compared to Italy, but I don't agree. I see beauty in it as well. Also, the train ride from Barcelona to Cordoba had some great scenery, I just didn't get any pictures of it.

We arrived in Seville and walked from the train station to our hostel, which was a short distance, but it was 100 degrees outside. Adding to that our backpacks and suitcases, it felt like the longest walk of our lives.

We then sweated our way through the neighborhood to grab dinner, which was a nice restaurant serving tapas. Oh, here comes the IT crowd video again, necessary for explaining how that word sounds when I say it in my head.
The neighborhood around our hostel was very nice. We were pretty close to the Cathedral and palace, so once again, we were in a great location, thanks to me and my thorough vetting of all hostels in Spain.

This was in our tapas restaurant.

It appears Barack Obama was also the best known bull-fighter in Seville in a past life.

At the end of our meal, Adrienne went to bring the bill to the waiter. However, he turned around just as she was picking it up, but it looked like she was rudely waving it at him. Unfortunately, that was not the most embarrassing thing to happen to someone that evening.
We went to a bar where a free flamenco show was held. The dancer was quite good. I will say that the singer was a bit long winded. My opinion on that might be more about the fact that it was 150 degrees in the bar and I wanted to see some dancing!

During the break (when no one was singing or dancing) we were chatting with the girls from Texas sitting next to us, who were quite nice. I was telling a quick story and did not notice the music had started and people were quieting down.

My voice carries.

The man started singing and I got shushed by the ENTIRE bar. It was mortifying.

I blame everyone I was speaking to for not warning me that everything was going quiet.

Obviously Adrienne, Allison and Anna never let me live that one down. For weeks all I heard was, "Hey, remember when an entire bar shushed Lauren."

I can't help it if I am a story teller and enjoy it.


We headed to the hostel and went to bed. Our hostel wasn't too bad. We all shared a room and had our own bathroom, which was nice. The only problem was the only place I could get internet was in the hall way, which was open to the air and was the same temperature as outside. Normally that would be okay, except that it was 103 degrees outside. I am not exaggerating. We thought Cordoba was hot, but that was before we'd been to Seville.

To be continued

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