Thursday, December 31, 2009

Budva, Montenegro

So after Kotor, we drove to Budva, which wasn't too far away. They took us to the edge of town and set us loose for a few hours. No tour this time, but it was small so we still managed to see everything! Ashley and I got lunch at the Hemingway Cafe (seafood spaghetti which was delicious) then headed into Old Town.

The Old Town is very small, but very beautiful. It was an extremely hot day (of course). We wandered around town looking at all the churches and old buildings, which were such light colors that everything seemed very dramatically bright.

We climbed the Citadel at 2 PM. It was extremely hot. I will never learn to not climb high places during the heat of the day. From the Citadel you could see the ocean for miles. You could also see just how small the Old town of Budva is! There was also an awesome library with very old books in many languages.

We then headed to a cafe, since it was so hot and ordered ice kafa's (coffee with cold whipped cream) and watermelon and sat on the water enjoying Montenegro, which included several pirate ships.

We headed back to the shuttle bus and back to Dubrovnik. Rather than driving around the Bay again, we took a ferry across it, then drove back to the border. The line was enormous at the border, but we made it back to Dubrovnik relatively quickly since we got to skip the main line for small cars. It was a great day! That evening we figured out how to get to the airport by bus early the next morning and I wandered around the town a bit and talked to some of the people in our hostel, including a woman who was a teacher from New York studying German in Salzgammergut, Austria. She had a pretty similar trip to what I was doing, just without the college credit. Afterwards, we went to bed, since we had to leave by 5 AM to make our flight to Prague!

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