Friday, March 25, 2011

Leaving for South Korea.

As most of you know, I'm moving to South Korea today for a year.
So, I procrastinated getting all my packing done before going to Korea, which resulted in lots of panicking, for various reasons. Why was I panicking? Due to all the things that went wrong the day before I left for Korea for one year. We caused a ruckus at Starbucks, by accident of course, because mother kept grabbing the wrong drinks. I accidentally left my ATM card in the ATM, which luckily I was able to get back after much panicking and near tears, since I was leaving the next day and it was my backup emergency plan. Then my suitcase broke and I had to cut it open. Then father was fixing the pipes under our sink and our entire kitchen flooded when a pipe burst, which resulted in lots of running around and flinging of the towels as there was water literally waterfalling out of the cupboards. (Kellie joked that the sink was weeping because I was leaving. Then I couldn't fit things into my suitcase, then my second suitcase broke, which I ended up using anyway and just strapping everything down very tightly. Then, couldn't find my order form to order my phone and comforter to be sent to me in Korea. Then, I couldn't close my suitcase at 3:15 AM. So it was all quite the disaster. I definitely should have begun packing on Monday!

We arrived at the airport and I weighed my suitcases. One was 61 pounds and one was 55, which was obviously a problem. I then had to go through them and purge things that I would just have mom and dad send to me once I'm there, but could live without for now (including several pairs of shoes, which was upsetting). After about 20 minutes, I managed to get my suitcases down to 50.0 pounds (yes, exactly) and 49.6 pounds. It was quite the feat. But, I put a ton of stuff into my backpack and laptop case and am carrying both of my jackets, which is tiring and awkward. Use for jacket: Use as pillow on the plane.
After checking in, which took forever, due to the woman ignoring us for a good 20 minutes, I went to security to say goodbye to the fam. Lots of sobbing ensued, which continued through security and people were asking me if I was ok. Actually, just the guy who took my ID. But still.

I slept the whole plane ride to SFO and now have about 2 hours til my next flight. Very exciting! and terrifying, but mostly exciting.

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