Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 1 in Seoul

I just discovered (after a very cold shower last night) that you have to press a button and turn on the hot water before you shower. Good to know.

So Day 1 in Seoul went very well. I have a roommate now. Her name is Elaine and we get along well. I was expecting to meet people from all over, but she definitely went to UW and now lives in Seattle. I thought that was kind of weird slash funny. We'll just be in the same hotel for this week, then move once training is done. We're getting another roommate this evening, but she hasn't shown up yet.

We explored Seoul a bit. We got up at like 7AM and hung around, then wandered around Seoul for a few hours. We went to a cafe, which was very nice. They sold pastries, sandwiches and various coffee and tea drinks. There was this strange looking hot-dog croissant that was interesting and sugar in a jar.

That's a mirror on the ceiling reflecting everything.

We managed to figure out the subway system, went to a mall because Elaine needed a purse and notebooks/pens, then wandered around for quite a while. We found a bookstore that had an enormous English book section, if I ever need anything to read. We had our first Korean meal for lunch and it was delicious. pork dumplings and this interesting rice/meet/vegetable concoction that was very good. Then I found a straightener which was definitely a necessary purchase, so I can look presentable for my first day of work.

Then we got super exhausted and came back to the hotel. It was nice to have someone to explore with. We didn't even get lost once! We studied for our exams a bit and will probably go to bed relatively soon, even though it's only 9PM. But it's 5 AM at home, so that's kind of throwing off all my sleeping. I woke up last night about about 3:45AM and was extremely awake, but eventually made myself fall asleep.

One of the first things I saw getting off the plane was a huge sign of Pierce Brosnan. Then soon after one of Jennifer Aniston.
Touch screen map to the mall.
First meal
The smoking room in our hotel room...

the lovely view from our original room. The new room we were moved to is really nice and has a good view. we're on the 12th floor now.
Baskin robbins. There are also many Starbucks, Coldstone Creamery's, Dunkin Doughnuts and Tully's.


  1. For some reason I was surprised it was so clean. Isit that way all over? We miss you. kris

  2. Yeah it's very clean! the hospital we were at yesterday was extremely clean and shiny and the subways so nice (but crowded)

  3. Love reading your blog and seeing the photos, I am very surprised at how modern this city is. I am not sure what I expected, but not this. I am so glad for you, as I can see that this will be a wonderful experience for you. Are you finding it easier then Vienna? So glad you are getting out and exploring and already finding fellow travelers to sightsee with. I am positive you will be passing it all with flying colors. My but they are sure put you threw the medical checkups...better then the states. We are all missing you but reading your blog makes you feel so close to us. Have fun and enjoy your new adventure. So proud of you! You get out there and MAKE life happen.

  4. I'm finding the first week a little easier than Vienna since I have other people to explore with, so it's a little easier.

    I'm glad reading my blog makes you feel closer. I miss you guys too! I'm sad I couldn't see you again after you came back from rome!